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Detroit Public Library

5201 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI (Main)
Tues-Wed: 12pm to 8pm
Thurs-Sat: 10am to 6pm
Sun: 1pm to 5pm

The best source to stick your nose in a book is at one of the many branches of the Detroit Public Library. Try it out, we guarantee you, you won’t feel wronged by not ordering off of Amazon. For those of us too hip to know what the Dewey Decimal System is, or how to actually read it, saunter up to your nearest librarian and politely ask them to bring you to a copy of Yeats, Whitman, Shelley. And, yes you can even dive into Suzanne Collins’ series of Hunger Games.

Detroit Institute of Arts

5200 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI (Main)
Tues-Thurs: 9am to 4pm
Fri: 9am to 10pm
Sat-Sun: 10am to 5pm

Across the street from the Detroit Public Library, is the Detroit Institute of Arts. It may seem an odd space to find book lovers, but with the meditative peace of a Museum, and cozy spaces like Kresge Court, it’s easy to see why it can be a haven for a bibliophile. Bring a good hardcover, order up a hot chocolate and dig into the passages you’ve long been delaying to get to.

Source Booksellers

4240 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI
Mon-Sat: 11am to 7pm
Sun: 12pm to 5pm

Not far from the Detroit Public Library and the DIA, Source Booksellers sits in the Cass Corridor. Locally owned, the store is a quick getaway to pick up your next non-fiction book, attend a book or author talk, community talks, and so much more.

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John K. King

1226 Library St., Detroit, MI
Mon-Sat: 10am to 10pm
Sun: 11am to 8pm

Not sure words can sufficiently describe this temple to the written word. You’re likely better off to go discover it yourself, get lost in a hidden corner and be ready to be immersed in the time of yesteryear. Manager’s abound so you will easily find what you’re looking for, but best is to go and just plan on getting lost, but know you will never loose yourself in this space, in fact, you may just find yourself. We hear that the fourth floor has some one of a kind gems.

Vault of Midnight

1226 Library St., Detroit, MI
Mon-Sat: 10am to 10pm
Sun: 11am to 8pm

Want to find out what superwoman did on her time off (didn’t know she had any?) or what the Green Hornet really has buzzing around in his head? Head over to this vault of all things comic and find out everything you’d want to know, collect, check out in the space. Pull up a seat, go through some of the collectables, or take home a few newer books and start getting into the world of the coolest make believe.


1464 Gratiot, Detroit, MI
Tues-Fri: 9am to 5pm
Sat: 9am to 4pm
Sun: 10am to 3pm

Pull up to a salad, some great vibes and one of the better preserved Detroit reading libraries in the city along with book collections of Jim Kennedy, Ronald Aronson, Brad Duncan, and Gotham Book Mart. Bring in your donations, no beach reads, maybe you can contribute to the collection.

Craft Work

8047 Agnes St., Detroit, MI
Mon-Sat: 4pm to 11pm

You wouldn’t think a bar and restaurant would be a great place to find yourself immersed in the written word, but for those who have stepped foot into Craft Work, you know. An entire wall is lined with stunning dark wood bookshelves filled to the brim with trinkets and a diverse library. Do yourself a favor and tuck into one of the corners with a drink, and a favorite read.