Around the World and Back. Detroit Travels: Cuba

I’m back from: Cuba with friend and fellow artist Paula Schubatis. We spent days in Havana, Trinidad, and Cienfuegos.

Where I Stayed: Casa ‘de particulares’ . Family lodgings are the way to stay. Three different families provided varied and endearing experiences. 

Best Thing I Ate: We did our best to avoid most tourist hot spots, always on the hunt for the most authentically Cuban cuisine we could find. Somehow that usually brought us to the insides of residential living rooms. As would be expected, the woman of the house served… going back and forth between the kitchen (only a few feet away) and her guests. The meals were simple, home cooked and perfect.

Best Thing I Drank: Cuban coffee with, and without, Havana Club. Always. For breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Best Hangout Spot: The streets. We spent the majority of our time wandering, getting lost, and letting things find us rather than seeking them out. The things you see and people you encounter are incomparable.

Most Inspiring Things I Saw: A discotec inside of a natural underground cave in Trinidad. Bad lighting, questionable music, and the prerequisite young crowd — it was spectacular.

Trip Highlights: Due to my mediocre Spanish, I had to connect with and communicate with locals through body language, hand gestures, etc. The one-on-one interactions that occurred on a daily basis were heartwarming. The people are generally open, warm, and easy going. Also, riding around surrounded by classic 50s vehicles, well, that never gets old!