ART of the ZODIAC and Seeing Stars with CV Henriette

Event: Astrology, Tea, and Musings with A of the Z at Nora on Monday, October 21


People hear the phrase “treat yo self,” we can blame Aziz Ansari for that. But there is a truth to it, especially when it comes to taking care of yourself emotionally, spiritually, and in health-conscious ways. When looking for cleansing and astrological alignment, may I present to you CV Henriette, otherwise known by the moniker of ART of the ZODIAC.

Before you dismiss the thought of Astrology, I’m not going to feed you any bullsh*t about how you should “take that leap” as the very vague thing that could romance a move at work, or how your personality is TOTALLY A LEO. (But if you are a Leo, I suggest you check yo-self before you wreck yo-self). As the misconception of Astrology has hit the mainstream in a negative light, CV explains the importance of the easiest palatableness.

“At its simplest level, Astrology is to see one’s deepest hunches and reality mirrored in the sky. Humans spend a lot of time trying to deny the things they know. Well, many of us do.”

Knowing CV personally, she places a lot of importance on human connection and spaces that we inhabit, with both our metaphysical and physical energies. The honest fact is, many people are so uncomfortable with human interaction, it’s refreshing to see someone who will literally take you by the hand and speak to you (maybe even give you a hand massage).

“It’s one thing to be present with another, but it’s another thing entirely to take a stranger into your hands. It is a simple and powerful form of connection,” says Henriette.

In addition to that intimacy, she is also looking to help reinvigorate your self-care cabinets by concocting items such as anointing creams and bathing oils.

“I’ve always been way into food, and, as a founding partner of Takoi, I’ve had the good fortune to spend a substantial amount of time around kitchens and some crazy talented chefs. A year into serious astrological study, I had the random and obvious insight that I could create tools for self care using the same care, techniques and ingredients employed by my kitchen heroes.”

With her out of state collaborator in Art of the Zodiac, Amit Singh, the pair are creating items for eating, bathing and living in tune with celestial movements. In addition to these creations, Henriette shares her intel with the Detroit public for events as well as offering one on one natal chart consultations.

She also co-hosts a series called Lunar Apothecary with Erin Wetzel of Orleans + Winder, where they connect over movement, super snacks and lunar talk, but if you’re looking to dive in sooner, this week’s offering will be at Nora on Monday, October 21 located at 4240 Cass Avenue, Detroit MI, in which she will be sharing Astrology basics, an aromatic chai recipe from her partner, Amit, and tips for grounding rituals. She will also have her creams and oils on hand for purchase in cash or credit.

To keep up to date for future events with ART of the ZODIAC, hit up Instagram at @art_of_the_zodiac, or CV’s personal Instagram, @cv_henriette, as well as keeping up with her writing on

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Driving human progress through freedom of movement
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