Jenna Belevender. In twenty—maybe even ten, five years from now people will look back at her photographs and say “That’s the Detroit I knew,” and “know” because her work reverberates that way. She’s one of a few photographers—”Hello, Gerards“—whose work and life appear to be one with the city in such an intense way that if she were to put her camera down or, God forbid move away, reality would actually cease to exist. Like a tear in the space time continuum, the material world is actually a hologram, and all that.

I don’t know exactly how the science works, but Detroit without Jenna would be bad.

She’s made herself indispensable to the culinary scenes as the go-to food photographer and is that friend who’s at every festivity and intimate moment seamlessly capturing all your good angles. Plus she makes you smile for portraits by prompting you to say crass things about “dicks.” It works surprisingly well.

But how good do the Spice Girls make you feel? Admit it. I’ll admit this might be my favorite playlist to date. Ever noticed how Caroline Rose sounds like The Waitresses? Except better because she writes her own songs and The Waitresses were the concept of some dude. Which makes “I Know What Boys Like” and “Pussy Strut” really fucked up.

What’s the last album you’ve listened to in its entirety?   

Voulez-Vous by ABBA.

How do you listen to music at home?   


Name one song that’s changed you.   

Harvest Moon, Neil Young : It’s the music my Dad likes to dance to and then talk about the meaning of — what love means, how time changes your heart. 

Sun sign?   

SPF 50.

Inner avatar?   

*insert Broad City meme*

What’s the characteristic you like most in people?   


Dislike the most?   


Last book you’ve read about music?   

Please Kill Me: The Uncensored Oral History of Punk (haven’t been able to finish it because my uncle borrowed it).

Best Live Show?    

Sylvan Esso. 

Artist you most wish you saw Live, in their prime?   

Brittney Spears.

Best Musical?  

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. 

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