Celebrating Record Store Day in Eastern Market

With Andrew Potvin of the Newly Opened Eastern Market Shop The 37th Shield Library


Andre Potvin is celebrating this year;s Record Store Day with a party to celebrate his shop’s new Eastern Market Location. Saturday, April 13th, guests are invited to explore The 37th Shield Library’s new home, as live DJS set the mood from noon to 6 p.m.  

New space, yes. But that doesn’t mean Potvin’s new to the game. He’s been at it since the start of Record Store Day in 2008. The new location, arranged with the assistance of landlord Sanford Nelson, brings a space upgrade and expanded offerings. An innovation to the classics.

We caught up with Potvin to talk shop.

CV Henriette: Tell us about your shop. 

Andrew Potvin: The 37th Shield Library is a small business specializing in Detroit and Michigan-centric music, antique books, 80’s and 90’s nostalgia, collectibles and mixed media! A physical shop in Detroit’s Historical Eastern Market and online store. 

CVhFirst record you ever owned? 

AP: My mother gave me her Classic and Psychedelic Rock records from the 60’s and 70’s. The first I bought new may have been the Detropia Soundtrack/score by Dial.81. 

CVhFavorite part of Record Store Day?  

AP: The idea of spreading the word and love of Vinyl records, and talking to people about what music they collect. 

CVh: Least? 

AP: Least favorite is that all the record shops have good events going, and I have to miss them because I’m running my own store.  

CVhLast record you’ve listened to start to finish? 

AP: Moppy, Seven Wonders of The Sea. 

CVhWhy vinyl? 

AP: Vinyl and Antique Books are my best sellers. I grew up with records in the home as a kid, had a lot of Producer and DJ friends over the Years, and have always been a big music lover, so it just rubbed off on me. I started as a casual collector of Hip-Hop music… 

CVhWhy Detroit? 

AP: I commuted down to Detroit Waldorf School for eight years as a kid, passing by Eastern Market five days a week, and spending a lot of time with friends who grew up in the City. For someone from Royal Oak I had a lot more exposure to Detroit than most kids my age. It planted a seed, and I was always drawn back to the City over the Years for music and art events. Now I’ve been a resident for nearly 12 Years. It’s my home. I believe in and am committed the hardworking people that have carried the city on their backs through thick and thin. 

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