How to Photograph & Influence People with Charlie G

The Detroit Native Traded Up her Day Job as a Software Developer to Grow her Influencer Business

Charlie G & Dre

Charlie G is our kind of influencer. She’s gracious, charming and super nice. Like even when she forgets to respond to an interview related text you don’t mind because you know she’s actually busy, even if she never outright says it—because, let’s face it, those people are kind of the worst.  

At the same time, we’re not going to deny major envy: she has a stupid amount of Instagram followers, always looks cute in photos and her website is accessorized with all the corporate logos. All of them. Anyone can fake a hashtag, but a logo on your website—that’s next level. 

In a time when anyone with a DSLR and pulse can drop the “teacher” shingle, there are few Charlie Gs in the world—I.e. people who have something worth teaching. This “Influencer” left a career in software development to be a full-time photographer. While she makes it look effortless, she makes no claims to pretend it was an easy path.  

There’s something about Charlie G that makes us believe that she too once took terrible iPhone photos!  

So when she told us she was teaching a photography workshop, we signed up. Yes, even this media platform struggles with our image(ry). We reached out for the backstory, and we’re sticking around for class. 

Check in with us on Instagram and Twitter for class updates and enjoy the conversation!  

Charlie G & Dre

Charlie G & Dre

CV Henriette: What’s your day-to-day? 

Charlie G: Lots of emails, meetings, phone calls, shoots and negotiations. A lot of chaos can happen in-between moments which is why I make sure to take time to unplug, unwind, and go to therapy when needed. 

CVh: Who are your clients? 

CG: My clients range from Bumble, the Detroit Institute of Arts, Pure Michigan, Bamboo Detroit, and so much more as both an influencer and a photographer. 

CVh: Greatest challenges of your work? 

CG: Getting on the same page. Making sure the client sets the expectation of what they’re looking for before any real work is done and making sure I’m meeting their expectations.  

CVh: Rewards?  

CG: Being able to fulfill my clients’ expectations and being called to work for and/or with them again and also getting free travel, food, and stay benefits lol. 


CVh: Tell us about your upcoming workshop? 

CG: Charlie and Dre’s Beginner’s Photography Workshop is a hands-on opportunity to learn how to use a professional camera. If you’re looking to learn new skillsets for a hobby, to generate extra income, or improve your social media with high-quality images, this is the workshop for you.

We go through a workbook which we touch on the most important parts of the book and then dive hands-on the cameras for immediate learning. We ask the students to bring their own cameras so they can learn how to master their own settings but we will be providing cameras for students to use as well if they do not have one.

The first hour will consist of food, drinks, and networking while the remaining of the workshop will be strictly hands-on learning and shoots of one another along with questions and tasks. We ask students to come “Instagram-ready” because the images the students take of one another will be used (up to their discretion) on the revamping of their social media accounts. 

CVh: Who will it benefit? 

CG: Anyone looking to learn another way to generate passive income, learn a new skill set, improve the quality of their photos. 

CVh: What do you want people to take away?  

CG: I want people to feel confident and not be intimidated to learn how to use a professional camera. I was intimated back in 2015 and it caused me to sell the camera I did have and never pick up another camera for two whole years which I eventually learned and taught myself out of frustration. Anyone can learn, it’s not difficult, and Dre Dotty and myself provide easy ways for students to confidently learn the basics while understanding their settings and what to do in different scenarios. 

CVh: Advice to someone who’s interested but maybe hesitant?  (Like “I like photography, but this influencer thing seems a bit extra…”) 

CVh: The beginner’s photography workshop is strictly for learning how to learn photography basics. We will be dropping information here and there for those interested in learning more about being an influencer but the primary focus of this workshop is learning how to use a professional camera. 


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