It’s rumored that Trevor Naud created the collection of illustrations called Blues Build the Temple after hours at his Washington D.C. advertising job with company materials and homesickness. Whatever the story, he’s back in Detroit now and has his own production company, Former Company, and Blues is making its debut at MOCAD in poster form as part of the exhibition, Standing Still, Lying Down, As If.

Which means those of us who have been staring at these works online for years will finally have a chance to experience them in person. That picture of the box set on his website, captioned SOLD OUT, has legit inspired me to tears on more than one occasion.

This is what Juxtapose has to say on the matter:

“We like this graphic art series called Blues Build the Temple by Washington DC-based artist Trevor Naud. Created with a Xerox machine, ink, paint, Wite-Out, photography and paper diorams, the graphic story includes 21 prints and is modeled after Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno and Peter Scmidt.”

We like Trevor and enjoyed our conversation with him.

by Trevor Naud

Blues Build the Temple by Trevor Naud.

CV Henriette: Sun sign? Moon sign? 

Trevor Naud: Sagittarius. Scorpio.

CVhBlues Builds the Temple. Where?  

TN: Originally, it was all underground. Now they are built above ground, too. 

CVhWhy build?  

TN: It’s optimistic and time consuming.

CVhWhy blue?  

TN: It’s my favorite color. 

CVhLife on Mars? 

TN: I really hope so.  

CVhHow long have you been making art? 

TN: Since childhood—as early as I can remember.

CVhWhich came first—art or music?  

TN: Both happened together.

CVhAre you still making music?

TN: Absolutely! 

CVhMuseum or mausoleum?  

TN: Mausoleum.

CVhFirst song that comes to mind. 

TN: “Mind Games.”

CVhHoliday on Mars?  

TN: Very cold.

CVhTell me something I don’t know. 

TN: That’s impossible.

CVhWhat are you looking at? 

TN: Two men walking in high heels.

CVhIf not blue than what? 

TN: Green.

CVhWhat’s next? 

TN: So much more. 

CVhWhat’d I forget to ask?  

TN: I’m 46.


Questions about music: Trevor is a member of Zoos of Berlin and a former member of the band Pascal whose songs, as of November 2016, were still being played on Canadian radio. 

Standing Still, Lying Down, As If opens at MOCAD tonight, Friday, October 26th.