As far as we’re concerned Chef Sarah Welch may be the most badass and underrated chef in Detroit. After appeasing her parents with a business school degree, she studied at the French Culinary Institute in NYC and hasn’t stopped since. Scratch that. She’s been going since age six since when she fell in love with cooking Jamaican food. With the neighborhood kids on her parent’s resort. Which may be where she caught the travel bug. Example: that time she spent 4 months eating her way across America with her dog, Quincy. Total badass.  

Before breaking out on her own as the Executive Chef of Republic and Parks and Rec, she worked for April Bloomfield at The Spotted Pig in New York and with local favorites Chef Brad Greenhill of Takoi and Chef Kate Williams of Lady of the House.  

Let’s take a moment to recognize the amount of lady power here.  

This summer Ping Ho of the Royce and Greg Reyner of Café Muse launch Marrow, a restaurant in West Village, with Welch at the helm. With its focus on local and sustainable meats, it’s the perfect opportunity for Welch to showcase her butchery skills. Some of which she has learned and taught at Pigstock. Yes, that’s a thing. 

This weekend. She’s partnered with our favorite pop-up gypsies, PlaceInvaders, for a series of dinners and brunches. If you’re not familiar with the concept: they travel the country taking over everyone’s house you’ve ever wanted to crash. There are no repeats. Upon purchase the location is a secret which doesn’t matter because magic and the food is stupid good. Especially when Chef Welch is cooking. 

If you don’t jump now, you’ll have to wait until summer to dine with Welch.  

Your reward for reading all that is this playlist Chef has created to get you in the mood for dining incognito.

Please follow this link to purchase tickets.