Meet Jennifer. Ceramist. Photographer. Adventurer. Add to the list model and actress. And farmer. She was raised harvesting wild berries and domesticating chickens. And despite this fact, or perhaps because of it, she feels comfortable anywhere in the world. Having explored Mexico City with her, I can attest to the fact that language is no barrier to this woman who makes sincere I’ll-text-you-later friends wherever she goes. And finds a way to get to wherever she desires. Favorite countries? Cuba and Japan.

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CV Henriette: What’s the last album you purchased?

Jennifer Proescher: Beach House – Teen Dream.

I became a victim of the hit single after 2010.

CVh: What’s the last album you’ve listened to in its entirety?

JP: Nina Simone – Greatest Hits.

CVh: How do you listen to music at home?

JP: If I’m being honest, I look up songs on Youtube when they pop into my head, and listen to them over and over on repeat.

CVh: Name one song that’s changed you.

JP: Stevie Wonder’s Isn’t She Lovely.

CVh: Inner avatar?

JP: My inner avatar is a firefly because their light is the most efficient in the world.

Or a hummingbird because mentally and physically I can’t be still for long.

Or Ram Dass.

Or an animal that isn’t good at making decisions.

CVh: What characteristic do you like in people?

JP: When people are confident in their work . . . because they work hard even when no one is cheering them on. It’s always amazing and inspiring when people can get through the tough stuff.

CVh: Dislike?

JP: When the toilet paper roll is on upside down. And when you get disconnected after waiting on hold for ever.

Oh shoot . . . This was a dislike in people. Hmm—unwillingness to adapt.

Final answer: When people let rules overcome being sensical.



Feeling Good by Nina SImone

All I Do by Stevie Wonder

Copacabana by Barry Manilow

Walking Into Sunshine by Central Line

Names by Cat Power

Another Love by Tom Odell

All Night Long by Mary Jane Girls

Ginza by J Balvin

Rose Quartz by Toro y Moi

Apolune by Jesper Ryom

Elephants in Love by Jean-Luc Ponty

Matin by Ezechiel Pailehès


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