Detroit Sounds, October 19th, 2018.

This week’s playlist is an excuse for me to talk about how I used to sneak into an after-hours in Detroit called The Works at age 17 with a fake ID and order “cranberry with extra ice” and how important parts of me were destroyed at an early age at the hands of nefarious older people under the spell of nefarious substances—yeah, rave culture—but I can talk about it now without being a snitch like that Freep writer talking about “moon” parties because that was 1,000 years ago and The Works is probably under new ownership, but I still shake a bit when I pass that part of Michigan Avenue-now a destination for brunch and succulents, down the street from Michigan Central Station AKA the Detroit symbol of decay and rebirth that Ford Motor Co. recently purchased.

Maybe Detroit is the new Williamsburg?

JK. “I don’t really say JK.” I stole that line from some guy I was texting.

Sometimes for a story you turn to your flat-mate from Detroit to discover what she was listening to before she followed the techno scene to Germany. We’re talking Michigan Avenue before Slows—during the height of legendary “rock star” car designer, Camillo Pardo, and the Bankle Building, where he painted women as part of his “art” practice. 

(Sincerely, Camillo is the sweetest.)

Said flat-mate dedicates this playlist to the time he made her a tiger (photo above) the times of nightclub Bleu (LOL) and the original Oslo, for having great sushi—like really great—and even greater parties.

The point is my friends have always been cooler than me, and “I want to be your STD” may be both the sexiest and most disturbing title or pickup-line possibly ever. And Jimmy Edgar. Is everything.  

The most recent song on this playlist is eight years old which doesn’t seem that long ago until you realize, it is.

Scrolling Instagram I just encountered a very calm woman playing a ukulele—or maybe a tiny guitar?—in a Quonset hut and had a “WTF Detroit?!” moment and probably rolled my eyes as hard as someone who has lived in Detroit longer than me is rolling their eyes right now.

Yes, I love succulents.

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