Vinnie Massimino runs a record label with two brothers (Portage Garage Sounds), works at an ad agency named after two rival coney islands (Lafayette/American), and splits his time between two cities (Detroit and New York). And . . . Surprise! He’s NOT a Gemini—Double Cancer, rather—but he is basically two people. Which makes it less weird that he wrote his own introduction.

“I am living like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t one.”


Topics covered: the future, Alice Coltrane, astrology

Hi, my name is Vinnie Massimino
I make things
I primarily work as “that guy” in numerous capacities across the art world and music industry
Titles are pink noise: make & collaborate & do
I’m a jack of all trades and master of none
I physically exist in Detroit & Brooklyn and spiritually occupy the hinterlands of I-80
I’m a partner at Portage Garage Sounds, and I founded the experimental house/techno label sans frontiéres, Chambray Records
Recently, I joined Detroit’s premier creative agency Lafayette American
Detroit is the city of the future
Meditate and consider the other: attempt to be positive and treat people with respect
Education isn’t a degree, it’s the amount you’re willing to endlessly learn from others
Clean up after your messes, because making one is part of the creative process
I am living like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t one
We was all born to die, DOA: In the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make
Not building a wall, but making a brick
My only allegiance is to my friends, and you can be my friend too

Detroitisit: What’s the last album you purchased? 

Vinnie Massimino: B.E.F. – Music for Stowaways (1981, Virgin – BEF 1, VG+)

DII: What’s the last album you’ve listened to in its entirety? 

VM: NasNASIR (2018, Mass Appeal/Def Jam Recordings)

DII: How do you listen to music at home? 

VM: Obsessively catalogued iTunes library (2006-present), Technics SL-1200MK4

DII: Name one song that’s changed you. 

VM: Alice Turiyasangitananda Coltrane – “Jai Rama Chandra”

DII:Inner avatar? 

VM: Attached [below]

Illustration of “Smoking Skunk” from IG story on 2018-07-05 by Anna Haifisch, from a forthcoming book (Fall 2018)

DII: Sun sign?

VM: Cancer (sun & moon)

DII: What’s the characteristic you like most in people? 

VM: Dynamism

DII: Dislike?

VM: Bigotry

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