Mink, the Restaurant, is Coming to Corktown

Detroit Works: Talking with Chef Cameron Rolka On What He Seeks in a Teammate


Mink made a big splash in small town Detroit when it was announced as the first restaurant by the newly formed group, Backbone Hospitality, the supergroup formed when the ladies behind Folk and Marrow/The Royce upped the restaurant game for everyone and join forces. Add chefs Sarah Welch & Cameron Rolka, a few James Beard nominations and oysters: the result is legit reason for celebration. 

Mink has taken over the Corktown space once occupied by the Farmers Hand, and, after months of hype, the intimate oyster bar, is officially hiring. 

Looking for work? We caught up with Chef Cameron Rolka to talk place, team and insider boss talk. Like what Chef looks for in a teammate.  

Oysters anyone? Photo courtesy of Mink


CV Henriette: Who positions are you looking to fill? 

Cameron Rolka: Mink is looking for cooks, server/bartenders, and a FOH manager. 

CVh: What do you look for in an applicant? 

CR: We have a saying: we don’t take ourselves seriously but we take our job seriously. Every team member must have a strong work ethic, be self directed, and be able to work as a team. We have to be willing and able to get down to the nitty gritty as needed—Wash dishes? pick herbs? polish glasses? What else needs to be done? 

CVh: When looking over resumes, what are somethings that stick out to you—for the best and for the worst? 

CR: Best: Simple, clean resume with applicable and up to date information. Also some sort of customized cover letter.  
Worst: A resume clearly made for another job application. 

CVh: What do you want to hear on an interview? 

CR: How the applicant took self directed action at previous places of employment. Also how much they like dogs. Cats are cool too. 
CVh: How do you tell if someone’s being sincere? 

CR: They are comfortable with their weaknesses and strengths.
CVh: Follow-up: too much or appreciated? Where do you draw the line? 

CR: Coffee = appreciated 

Food = I don’t really want to feel obligated to eat in front of you. If we get along we can break bread together, no problem. 

CVh: What else? 

CR: We are going to spend a lot of time together in an incredibly small restaurant. There is little to no BOH space. You will always have to be on in front of guests.  
CVh: Message to your future comrades? 

CR: We look forward to having a super tight knit team that is passionate about food, wine, and sake. Let’s unify our vision on providing an unique and inviting atmosphere for our guests. And have fun doing it. 

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