Want to know why all the good sales happen after the holidays? That’s how stores get rid of all the things no one wanted before the holidays. Good news: we’ve found a website that pays you to shop year-round for the things you want.

Meet Jewel. The future of shopping comes from Detroit.

Our friends have partnered with over 350 luxury and premium brands, to offer guests a percent-based commission to shop in the form of quarterly payments. It’s as simple as it sounds. No application. No membership fees. Just cash.

Jewel. It’s the way to shop top brands in fashion, beauty, health and travel. From around the world. And around the block, including some of our favorite downtown players: John Varvatos, Madewell, Lululemon and Bonobos.


  • Sign up through DII at the buttons below to start.
  • Receive $5 back for shopping Jewel.
  • Rack up cash. Earn real money back on every purchase.
  • Get paid directly. Track your earnings and cash out every season.


John Varvatos

Detroit native, John Varvatos was one of the first retailers to plant his flagship downtown, Detroit. Weaving musical inspiration into quality, edgy fashion season after season, John Varvatos is a must-shop stop for every man on your holiday list.


We’re going to be bold and say Lululemon started the athleisure trend. Wherever you fall on this debate, the fact remains the same: well-made clothes that look as good at the coffee shop as they function on the mat or track. Yes, sweatpants are now chic. And white is totally acceptable after Labor Day.

Shop John Varvatos Shop Lululemon

Bonobos. Say that three times. That store on Woodward Avenue doesn’t stock merchandise—it’s called a Guideshop—started on the Internet as a way for men to order clothes to size. Guideshops are nice though. They offer a well-trained staff for help with sizing and ordering. Bonobos: a fun way to say, “fits just right.”


Madewell is the J Crew for the Etsy generation. Socially responsible and built to last. They even have a line where they partner with local makers across the country. Whimsical ceramics, anyone? Their Detroit grand opening drew a crowd that rivaled the downtown launch of Shake Shack. We’re mega fans.

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