This Friday, July 19th, from 7:30 to 10pm, multidisciplinary artists Sir Fawn & Lorenzo Lorenzetti converge with the Detroit Bureau of Sound at Electric Studio for a night of sight, sound and myth:


Electric Studio presents ‘FOREST’ an immersive art experience on July 19th as part of Detroit Art Week 2019. Artists Sir Fawn and Lorenzo Lorenzetti join forces to bring the audience an immersive art installation that will take viewers on a unique journey through the forest, with a special one night auditory environment provided by Detroit Bureau of Sound. 

The forest is fertile ground for tens of millions of conscious life forms to exert energy, coexist and submit to the repetitious cycle of life. Myths that resonated deeply with this pure essence of life have been passed down for centuries: the forest often playing a significant role in enchanting a human life, breaking down everyday human experiences, making room for transformation and things unimagined. The artists ask, what is lost and what is gained?

Event Flyer

More about the studio

Electric Studio was launched in 2014 to service Detroit with a premium creative studio & production space.
Since opening, Electric has facilitated, curated, and also produced countless art experiences, gallery openings, fashion shows, creative workshops, music experiences, etc.
We think of Electric Studio as a blank canvas (black & white) that allows the creative to transform the space with only the limits of their imagination.

More about the artists

Sir Fawn is a Detroit-based artist held to no restrictions, creating on the edges of disciplines, currently focusing on sound & visual realms. Producing in fine arts media as well as commercial media, fusing the natural with the future.
From the streets to the gallery, Sir Fawn sees the world as an adventure in pursuit of the unknown. Sir Fawn symbolizes the thought provoking nature in which the lines of life & hierarchy become indistinguishable—”The deer with a profound vision echoing beyond the whispering pines.”

Lorenzo Lorenzetti is an international artist. As a Detroit native, his artwork is in numerous private collections in metro-Detroit. He has exhibited in the Netherlands and Italy and continues to live and work in Michigan.