Alexis Lombre Live at Cliff Bell's 6

Alexis Lombre Live at Cliff Bell’s

Alexis Lombre is a young jazz pianist who discovered early that the true essence of music is not just about what you hear but how music makes you feel. Her musical mission is to keep the ‘Soul’ in music alive. The recent release of her debut album, Southside Sounds, does just that, as it is a soulful reflection of her upbringing on Chicago’s Southside. This collection of her original compositions is an attempt to pay homage to the southside’s lively artistic, cultural heritage. Since its release, Southside Sounds has been aired on radio stations across the U.S.
Click the link to purchase on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/southside-sounds/id1201085420

Alexis Lombre – piano
Marion Hayden – bass
Gayelynn Mckinney – drums

“Young pianist Alexis Lombre, has a bright future” – Mark Stryker/Detroit Free Press

“Ms. Lombre has a ton of chops and a great melodic sense… If you want to have your mind (and ears) blown, wait ‘til you hear “Blues in Tyne” for you!” – Paul Abella/WDCB Public Radio

“I found keyboardist Alexis Lombre’s playing to be a thing of pure beauty…She is also a fine, fine soloist who takes us places we never expected to go, allowing us to go along with her on a spontaneous quest for just the right note, the perfect trill, and the golden silence in between… I have never enjoyed a piano player more than I did Ms. Lombre.” — American Singer, Billy ‘Harp’ Hamilton


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