Dance Meditation Technique

The Throw Down in Motown is ON.

We will be dancing for the benefit of all beings atop one of Detroit’s most historic and beautiful music and arts venues, The Detroit Music Hall.

Lose 100lbs of emotional weight in 90 minutes with Dance Meditation Technique, the most beautiful and transformative whole being work out on earth. www.dmtpractice.com

Are you in need of some release & transformation?

Are you afraid of dancing or love dancing? Do you know what meditation is or want to know? Great! This is for you.

We agree to support one another by

1. Observing social silence upon entering the dance hall
– this means getting to be with people but not having to i interact. It is a really nice experience.
2. Refraining from dancing with one another or looking at one another yet agreeing to dance/sing our asses off.
3. There is social time after the practice.

In only 2 years since it began over 2,300 people have experienced Dance Meditation Technique making it the most well attended and well known active meditation of it’s kind ever in Michigan and possibly the midwest. At the request of the DMT community DMT’s creator Michael Patrick Peters has begun offering more in depth classes and a facilitator training program that now has active participants gearing up to share this practice with the greater SE, MI community and beyond with far more regularity.

DMT is pioneering the movement meditation field with this completely unique and incredibly tangible practice for experiencing, directly, the creative state.



Oct 20 2013


Music Hall Center for the Performing Arts
350 Madison St, Detroit, MI 48226, USA

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