George Clanton / Negative Gemini 3/20 at El Club

George Clanton
Negative Gemini

Tuesday, Mar. 20

El Club
4114 Vernor Hwy
Detroit, MI
All Ages

“GEORGE CLANTON seems to have a similar uncanny knack as artists like John Maus and Ariel Pink for creating soaring, unabashedly dramatic classic pop, and it’s clear after one listen to legit anthems like “Bleed” and “It Makes the Babies Want To Cry” that ’80s MTV heroes like Tears For Fears and New Order are obvious reference points. But this is pop music refracted and warped through CLANTON’s singular and unmistakably modern lens, as he manages to turn vaporwave, chillwave, and other assorted internet-genre-waves on their collective ear, ultimately transcending all of it in the name of undeniable, timeless jams that could only exist in 2015, songs that can be at once subversive, funny, dark, poignant, and deeply affecting.” – Gorilla Vs Bear

NEGATIVE GEMINI – “Instead of settling on one style of music, French decides that within a single song, she can try out something radically new at every turn: the song becomes an ambient piece, a footwork track, a pop song, and more, refusing to settle down into something predictable. Blazing kickdrums collide with warm echos and hip-hop chants; it’s all over the place, but French makes it work, finding a power in the restlessness. All the while, her delicate voice glides above, a calming presence over the surreal backdrop. Ignoring the tropes of many musical styles, reshaping how they can sound together, French finds beauty in total confusion.” – PITCHFORK 2018

George Clanton



Negative Gemini




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