How to Buy Stock; Manage Your Money & Pay Off Debt 6

How to Buy Stock; Manage Your Money & Pay Off Debt

Including retirement accounts like 401Ks & 403bs, 53 percent of Americans have no money invested in the stock market. Of those, 25 percent of them do not invest because they don’t understand the stock market, and the other 75 percent don’t think that they have enough money to invest.

Understanding the basics of the stock market & money management can be as simple as shopping for a pair of sneakers or managing your Netflix watch list.

This 1.5-hour workshop is all about teaching people the basics of the stock market, explaining new trends like cryptocurrencies and more importantly…showing people how to save, give and invest, starting with just five dollars and a smartphone.

With tax return and bonus season right around the corner…you DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS.

Attendees Will Learn:
– The Basics of a share or (piece) of “Stock”
– What a Balance Sheet is & Why It Matters in The Stock Market
– The Difference Between Debt & Equity (Personally & in Investing)
– The Basics of Crypto-Currencies Like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum & Why They Matter
– How to Start Investing with $5 dollars or less
– How to choose an investment (no matter if it’s stock, real estate or a crypto-currency)
– Thier Financial Personality & Risk Profile
– How to Create a Basic Budget & Investing Plan

Attendees Will Leave With:
– A Personal Financial Personality & Risk Profile
– Owning a Share of a Company (Optional)
– A Basic Budget Template
– Thier Investment Accounts Set-Up (Optional)

Early Bird tickets start at Free.99 and RSVP tickets are just $25.


Q: “Do you have plans to do this workshop outside of Detroit?”
A: “Yes, we are currently working to produce weekend workshops in Atlanta & Washington DC. Other cities will happen as opportunities come up!”

Q: “Will this class be streamed or available online?”
A: “We have no plans to stream this class as of yet. However, we are looking at recording it and providing it via our website TheMobileBusinessSchool.com. More information to come!”


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