How To Write a Business Plan. (Detroit Cohort 4) 6

How To Write a Business Plan. (Detroit Cohort 4)

Business plans can help convey the organizational structure of your business and act as a management tool to help you as an entrepreneur stay on track with your stated goals. It ultimately is your roadmap on how to operate your business.

But more importantly, as a new business, it can help you think through exactly how your business should be designed and how things will work economically.

Every business plan has seven distinct areas of focus:

– Executive Summary: “The Punchline To The Story.”

– Business Description: “What Problem Are You Solving?”

– Products & Services: “What Do We Offer & Why?”

– Sales & Marketing: “Who Are Our Customers & How Do We Connect With Them?”

– Operations: “What Must We Be, What Can We Be, What Should We Be?”

– Management Team: “Who Is The Boss With The Sauce?”

– Future State: “What Does it Look Like Five Years From Now?”

– Financial Summary: “Secure The Bag.”

During this two hour workshop, we will spend one-hour walking through each of the seven components, including what language to use, where to go to find information and why each section is important. We will also give you an hour to begin working on your 2018 business plan with a little bit of one on one coaching from us.

Every participant will leave with a business plan template, example business plans, a guide on where to research your industry and the beginnings of your 2018 Business Plan.

This class is taught in a small group format so seating is extremely limited, register via the link.

*All TheMobileBusinessSchool.com classes are taught by Finance or Marketing Industry Professionals, Entrepreneurs, CPAs and Career Professionals with MBA’s from the nations top business schools.


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