KILL Your Local …

The overall vision of this event is to curate a group of artists and brands that have different skillsets and audiences, with the common thread being their ties to Detroit, and the Metro area.

Due to the nature of the event containing many artists/ brands, live music, and live action sports, this warehouse just west of Detroit can hold a crowd of 200+ and still supply space for all of the talent, vendors, and event-goers. The overall scope of the event will provide attendees with an experience as they go from vendor to vendor in the midst of live action sports and music.

We are approaching this event as a way to gather all of these different walks of life together under one roof, to celebrate culture, and network with other talented and like-minded artists/ brands/ entrepreneurs/ action sports athletes.

Though we have coordinated many events, this is the first event that we have made open entry for any artist/brand to have representation. Vendor spaces are available in very limited quantity, on a first come first serve basis.

To secure your spot in the event or gather more information on being a part of “Kill Your Local…” contact- AsDetroitsOwn@Gmail.com

FOR MORE DETAILS on this event, or for a glimpse into our past work click here?? www.AsDetroitsOwn.com/KillYourLocal

VENDORS/ Artists (list updated as spaces fill) –

Felicia Fullwood ( www.FeliciaFullwoodPhoto.com )

Robert Monaghan ( Instagram.com/detroitliger )

Kaela Wojtowicz ( Instagram.com/gemneyed )

Adi Muhtarievic
( www.AdsterPhotos.com )

Jordan Garland
( Instagram.com/JordanGarlandMI )

KCP CHIEF ( instagram.com/kcp_chief )



Apr 07 2018


Transitions Skatepark
5616 Van Born Ct, Dearborn Heights, MI 48125, USA

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