Literally, A Reading Series: Ķeniņš and Rocheteau

Literally, A Reading Series is presented by Write A House.

About the event:
Prepare for spring thaw with warm-hearted artists and writers: Laura Keninš (Steam Clean) and Casey Rocheteau (The Dozens), presented by Write a House and hosted, as always, by Anne Elizabeth Moore. Casey’s recent work may get your blood boiling; certainly it will warm the cockles of your cold, dead heart to laugh so hard. Laura’s current comic book looks at gender identity and sexuality by placing you, the reader, at a women-only sauna night. Hot! Hot! Hot!

For the first time, Literally, A Reading Series will be recording this event for future release as a podcast. In an effort to make this and all of our events as accessible as possible, we will include in the lineup an Interpreter for the Visually Impaired, Claire Nowak-Boyd, who will aid in both our comprehension and enjoyment of the readings. Unless it is just confusing, which is also a possibility. But let’s try it, shall we?

About the series:
Housed at the historic Scarab Club and presented by Write A House, Literally: A Reading Series brings journalists, poets, cartoonists, novelists, and other writers together in Midtown Detroit. Like the term for which the series is named, Literally may offer tangible, verifiable facts or outrageous, fanciful claims. Hosted and curated by cultural critic Anne Elizabeth Moore, and formerly housed in her Write A House home, previous readers have included Jessica Campbell, Matt Fogarty, Nandi Comer, and Jennifer Nelson. The series features local, national, and international performers sharing longer works in an intimate setting. Readings are informal, fun, and designed to entertain non-writers and writers alike. The purpose of Literally is to nurture the growing literary community of Detroit. To this end, appropriate beverages will be served, and interested writers of all backgrounds, skills, and interests are encouraged to send along work for consideration at a future event. Please bring cash for books or book-related merchandise, or to donate to the beverage-and-travel fund.

About the participants:
Laura Ķeniņš is a comics artist and journalist who has lived and worked in Halifax, Toronto, Latvia, and Hungary. Her short comic Alien Beings was published by kuš! komikss in 2016 and her comics have also appeared in Kuti Magazine, Truthout, The Puritan, Carte Blanche, the Los Angeles Review of Books and other publications. She has worked with the Ladydrawers and Femicomix Finland. Currently she resides in Toronto with her tuxedo cat.

Anne Elizabeth Moore is an award-winning journalist, best-selling comics anthologist, and internationally lauded cultural critic based in Detroit. A Fulbright Scholar, Moore teaches at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the College for Creative Studies, and has had solo art exhibitions on three continents. With Melissa Mendes, she creates a monthly investigate comics journalism series for Truthout. Her latest book, with Curbside Splendor, is Body Horror: Capitalism, Fear, Misogyny, Jokes.

Claire Nowak-Boyd is an urban planner and the former Executive Director of Preservation Detroit. She is also proud of the work she did as a member of the City of Flint Department of Planning and Development. Claire wrote this bio on the Plymouth bus.

Casey Rocheteau is a Callaloo Writer’s Workshop, Cave Canem, and Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference fellow who lives in Detroit. They are the editor in chief of Heart Online Journal and their second poetry collection, The Dozen, was released on Sibling Rivalry Press in 2016. Their writing has appeared in Apogee, The American Academy of Poets, Day One, The Offing, LitHub, Barnes and Noble Review among others. They are the creator of the Shrine of the Black Medusa Tarot Deck, which has been displayed at Cranbrook Museum of Art and the Pulitzer Arts Foundation.


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