Parlor Talk: Alok Sharma

Detroit’s blowing it again, says Detroit entrepreneur, data analyst and civic rabble rouser Alok Sharma of Sharma Analytics. We’re going to master the defining technology of the 21st Century—and use it to sell cars?

Join us in the parlor for a conversation about how Artificial Intelligence in cars is a missed opportunity. (Hint: It should be about the AI, not the cars…)

Alok Sharma is founder of Sharma Analytics, a technology management consultancy based at TechTown that uses data to rationalize, select, plan and manage technology projects for small to mid-size organizations. As a longtime city booster, trend trafficker & political wonk, Sharma has contributed to a number of civic campaigns & initiatives, including Council by Districts, National Day of Civic Hacking, Detroit Startup Drinks, Detroit Synergy & more.

Hosted by Claire Nelson & Orlando Bailey
Locals & travelers welcome
Thanks to support from Knight Foundation



Mar 21 2018


4735 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201-1201, United States
4735 Cass Ave, Detroit, MI 48201-1201, United States

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