The Detroit Historical Museum Scavenger Hunt

Are you a super sleuth? Can you put together clues and track stories back through history? Are you ready to see a museum in a whole new way? Join The Detroit History Club for an evening you’ll never forget as we take over The Detroit Historical Museum after dark. You’ll arrive to the closed museum, which was dedicated July 24th, 1951, on the 250th anniversary of Detroit’s founding. Together with your team you’ll explore the fascinating history of the Detroit Historical Society which was founded with the donation of Attorney and historian Clarence M. Burton’s personal collection. You’ll learn why the original home of the museum was on the 23rd floor of what is now Cadillac Tower and was billed as the “highest museum in the world” when it opened in 1928. You’ll see the oldest pieces in the collection, the gallery staff say is haunted, and the donations of the city’s elite. For three hours the museum is yours to explore without crowds, but with a mission. It will be up to your team to solve the riddles to locate the correct artifacts, hunt down the moving targets of historical figures, and complete challenges for bonus points. As the time ticks down, your team will make their way back to our starting location where you’ll turn in your answers, and enjoy a crazy dessert buffet of gluttonous proportions to make even Frederick Sanders Schmidt proud. The team with the most points is the winner. First, second, and third place winning teams will leave with great Detroit themed prizes, Detroit Historical Museum swag, and of course bragging rights.

If you’d like to make your own team just buy your tickets individually or as a group and let us know at the start of the night that you have a full team. Teams will be limited to between 4-6 people. If you don’t have a full team, or want to come alone we are very happy to assign you to a group and make sure you all have a blast. All teams will see full answer sheets before the end of the night. There are not physical tickets for this event- you’ll check in by name at arrival. We recommend comfortable shoes for walking. Elevators will be available for teams that require them.

This event is being held at The Detroit Historical Museum but is NOT a museum event. Tickets, as well as memberships, are required from The Detroit History Club and detroithistoryclub.com only.

Because The Detroit History Club operates as a members-only club, out of private homes, hidden spaces, and secret locations, you’ll need to join before being able to buy tickets to events. At checkout you’ll be asked if you are already a member; if not, select “New Member.” Membership to The Detroit History Club is five dollars per calendar year. Each person attending an event must have a membership of their own. Membership cards may be picked up at the first event you attend as a new member, and new cards are issued at the first event you attend each year. Parking is on-street and at your own risk (we’ve never had an issue, but the lawyer insists we have the disclaimer).

Detroit History Club events are for persons twenty-one years old and up. We drink, we swear, we talk about things, and we’d love for you to join us. Whether you come as a couple, a group, or a singleton, our events are designed to encourage you to make new friends, explore ideas, and learn- all while eating, drinking, dancing, and generally behaving in a way that makes us proud to call ourselves Detroiters.



Feb 23 2018


Detroit History Tours and The Detroit History Club
5401 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI 48203, United States

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