Wyse Coaching – Coaching 101

In today’s professional environment we are pulled in so many different directions that we end up going through life in reactive mode, tackling everything that comes up so that we can stay afloat.

When was the last time you sat down to focus on your goals and how to get there?

I am sure you have heard about business coaching and might have even wondered if it would make a difference in your professional and business development.

However, do you really know what coaching is, or how it could impact you and your business? Or how coaches approach partnering with their clients?

Please join Bamboo Detroit’s Resident Coach Andre Mello for a presentation on everything coaching.

You will learn about what coaching really is, how coaches can provide value to their clients, and what partnering with a coach looks like.

If you have been thinking about partnering with a coach, or have been looking to better understand what skills coaches leverage to get the most out of their clients, don’t miss this free session.


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