Fish fry, anyone? This weekend, the Chicago favorite, Parson’s Chicken and Fish are popping into Detroit for a series of exclusive dinners at Frame in Hazel Park.

Parson’s Executive Chef, Hunter Moore, is making it a fish fry to remember—Creamy Coleslaw, Mashed Potatoes & Rich Gravy, Texas Toast, and Malt Vinegar Aioli. Plus Hot Chicken WIngs, because he’s ambitious.

Exciting? Wait for it…

Beverage director Charlie Schott is crossing state lines to bring us the ‘Original Frozen Negroni Slushy.’

We caught up with both to chat city, inspiration, and baseball.

CVh: Tell us about Parson’s? 

Charlie Schott: The concept was inspired by the Chicken and Fish joints you’d see all around Chicago but with a more sit down leisurely vibe. 

Hunter Moore: We’re definitely inspired by regional fish shacks — doesn’t necessarily mean only fried chicken, but other items you’d get at spots like this too. We’ve also got a great patio that draws a fun crowd in the warmer months. 

Parson's Chicken & Fish

Frame DInner

CVh: How’d you get started? 

CS: I got my start in restaurants way back in the mid-nineties in my teens, washing dishes then baking cookies at the mall. Next thing you know, I was running a kitchen, moving to Chicago and poking my head out into the FOH in 2002. Flash forward to 2010 and I was bartending at the then, Michelin starred, Longman and Eagle. I was building regular clientele, getting my drinks on the menu when I was offered the position at Parson’s.  

CHM: I worked in a bunch of kitchens around Chicago and then got connected with the Land and Sea Dept. guys who approached me about opening Parson’s. It seemed like something I would want to do, so I was game.  

CVh: What’s good? 

CS: Negroni Slushy, Micheladas, Tequila Verdita. Purple. 

CHM: I love working with seafood. In the summer, I love our summertime ceviche, and in the winter I love our hearty brunch dishes, like the hot link and grits. 

CVh: Comfort food? 

CS: Ice Cream. In Pints. 

CHM: Spaghetti and meatballs.  

Parson's Chicken & Fish

Slushy Cocktails!

CVh: What’s playing in the kitchen? Behind the bar?  

CS: Our playlist in the FOH is carefully curated so… ZZ Top, CCR, Kris Kristofferson, James Brown, Old Funk and Soul. 

CVh: Sun sign? 

CS: Sagittarius 

CHM: Capricorn. 

CVh: Sunrise or sunset? 

CS: Sunset 

CHM: Sunrise. 

CVh: Menu inspiration? 

CS: Classless Utopia 

CHM: Working with local and seasonal chefs, I started Parson’s with that concept mind. I love traveling around the country and seeing what other chefs are doing too — excited to check out Detroit.  

CVh: Why Chicago? 

CS: The shoulders. 

CHM: In the culinary world, you have to learn to work within seasons. And because it’s so cold here, you have to learn how to adapt and cook with beets and celery root and things like that. I think it makes you a stronger chef. 

CVh: Why Detroit?  

CS: Coney Dogs.

CHM: Detroit style pizza!

CVh: Cubs or White Sox? 

CS: Sox. I don’t really care but black and white is a classic color scheme that goes with everything. The food is better at Sox games. 

CHM: Cubs! But yes — the food is better at Sox Games. 


Tickets for Parson’s Chicken and Fish at Frame Hazel Park may be purchased here. Saturday’s dinner is sold out. A limited number of tickets are available for Friday’s dinners, seatings at 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm.