RIP Monumental Kitty.

In 2010, the good folks at LOVELAND created at Kickstarter campaign in the sum of $1,555 to bring to life the design of Corktown-based artist, Jerome Ferretti. Funds were raised, prizes were distributed and Monumental Kitty was born out of brick and mortar.

Monumental Kitty

Photo Courtesy of Nolan Simon

The way money’s pouring into the city these days, $15k doesn’t seem like much. Eight years ago, however,  that was just enough money to unite people in a goal: a public work of art funded by the public. It was crowdsourcing on its finest.

Earlier this week we learned of Kitty’s passing through artist Nolan Simon‘s Instagram account. By years of elemental wear and tear and/or by vandalism, Corktown’s beloved sculpture had finally met its maker in a Humpty Dumpty pile of sadness.

Artist Jonathan Rajewski notes that Kitty has “been gradually crumbling since the thaw, then eyes were falling off, and then someone must have swiped them.”

Many artists, including Jason REVOK and Patrick Hill, gathered on his IG thread to share their condolences.

Monumental Kitty, you have been taken from this earth prematurely, but may your spirit live on (the Internet)!