Mixing Paint With Technology: An Art Session With Phybr

A Detroit-made artist finds himself creating on every avenue, and now is embarking on Detroit's first Augmented Reality Mural.

From canvas to city brick, Ken Dushane III, AKA Phybr has pretty much created on every medium and in multiple styles. Now, he will be working on the first Augmented Reality mural in the city of Detroit and has just launched a new clothing line. What’s next for Phybr?

The Origin Story:

Photo: @dirtykics

“It all began for me in second grade when I discovered that I had a talent at drawing. Wasn’t until the 2000’s where I got more involved with graphic design and web design specifically and focused on that. Pursued a degree in IT, wasn’t thrilled with programming so I went back to school for my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design from Full Sail University. There I discovered a lot that was previously untapped within me but dropped out at the beginning of my last semester. Fast forward a few years after a marriage, kids and then a divorce, I rediscovered my love for creating art after focusing on music for 8 years. A friend of mine brought over a dozen or so of canvases and that’s where I began my first body of work which I debuted in Grand Rapids at The Meanwhile Bar in 2013.” 
On The Augmented Reality Mural:
“The Augmented Reality mural that I was commissioned to design and paint is on the back of the old Steve’s Bar, which is now going to be the Elephant Room. It will be a fun play on the Elephant Room’s current logo. I worked on an AR project in Toledo last summer with a class I teach for the YAAW (Young Artist At Work) Program that turned out to be a mini-mural in the gallery at the Center for Visual Arts. So with that experience, when Zach Mattan who co-owns Electrifly Co. approached me with the idea of the project, I immediately envisioned what we could do. Augmented Reality is still a relatively new technology that has a lot of practical uses with public art and murals specifically. You will need to open the app on your phone, aim it at the mural and it’ll activate the mural into an animation and it’ll be 3D as well. It’s a fun way to make public art even more interactive.”

On 2018:
“2018 is already beginning to fill up! Future shows are being booked, lining up walls in various locales this year is a priority as well. Trying to make it back down to Florida for some more mural work, and trying to get over to Brooklyn, NY., Colorado, Seattle, and California are definitely on the to-do list. Also, I am currently trying to organize a mural fest in Toledo, OH. There’s a small group of us that are just in the early phases of talks and organizing. But, the goal is to have a mural fest for the Summer/Fall of 2018 in Toledo.” 
Creeps and Queens Co., The Clothing Line:

“I’m super pumped about this! Creeps and Queens Co. is the brand that I just debuted at my solo exhibit, which is currently on exhibit through Feb 2nd at The Baltimore Gallery. I decided to create Creeps & Queens Co. brand to focus on the style of PHYBR. I was also awarded an Accelerator Grant through The Arts Commission of Greater Toledo to create the brand. I was able to get all the materials, screen print presses, garments, inks, etc…  This really helped me get it off the ground and the amount of positive feedback so far on the shirts and design has been pretty exciting. 

Creeps & Queens Co. resides on the dark, low-brow art that I’ve created previously but, it has a distinctive line work and style that makes it all its own. So that’s exactly what Creeps & Queens Co. is reflecting. Aside from T-shirts and Sweatshirts, I want to expand into women’s underwear and one-piece bathing suits. Recently, I teamed up with InkAddict to have my shirts and sweatshirts printed and produced by their printing company. This will also further help me brand expand when I can focus more on designing, sales, and growing the brand.”

GALLERY: Phybr’s Solo Exhibition at The Baltimore Gallery

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