Top 5 Reasons the NAIAS Move to Summer 2020 is a Great Idea

The Detroit International Auto Show Moves from January Blizzards to Sun in June and We’re All About It

NAIAS 2020

2020, Baby! NAIAS AKA The North American International Auto Show is moving into Gemini Season. Air sign. Talkative, social, and trendy. For those of you non-astrology buffs, that’s the freshest part of Summer. The month of June is, by all rational standards, a better month to spend in Detroit than January.

Yes, but what? Why? We’ve got you.

1. Embracing the Industry’s Change

Innovation. Think of it as rearranging the furniture in your house to get a fresh perspective. Now imagine it’s been like 1,000 years since you’ve played around. Feels good, right?  

Also, how innovative is it to invite a large concentration of international audiences and press to Detroit when the weather’s not miserable? Maybe they might want to return outside of auto season?

2. Endless Opportunities for Brand Activations

Summer means nice weather which means that walking outside is an option and thus—multiple venues! We’re thinking Art Week but for cars. A chance to activate our walkable spaces: Campus Martius, The Riverfront, Belle Isle, etc.  

According to the official Press Release, this means:  

  • Dynamic Vehicle Debuts 
  • Ride and Drives 
  • Autonomous/Automated Driving 
  • Off-Road Challenges 


Top 5 Reasons the NAIAS Move to Summer 2020 is a Great Idea 1


3. Cost Benefits for Exhibitors

Because literally everything is more expensive in the winter. Snow makes for expensive logistics. Apparently way more expensive, because folks at NAIAS show estimate buildout time being reduced from eight weeks to three? Wait what?! We reckon overtime pay for holiday hours, the cost of laboring in snow and ice, utilities—as our friend Camillo Pardo shares later in the week—”You have to have all the doors open to get cars (and people) inside.”  

So let’s celebrate warm summer breezes replacing subzero winds and ghastly heating bills. 

Surely these savings mean larger party budgets.

4. A Vibrant Downtown

Seems to be a theme in Detroit these days. Time to show it off.

5. Comments from Automakers 

They all seem to agree: great idea, NAIAS. The question is how will it pan out. 

For those concerned with details, you can check out the full story here 

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