Nine Tips For Surviving the Coldest Polar Vortex, Ever

Staying Entertained During These Times. Tip One, Stay Inside.

Polar Vortex. Are we in one? Seems to be the case. But, frankly, who cares because knowing or not knowing will not make it any warmer outside. And if you’re anything like us you’re a.) thankful for shelter and b.) vowing never to leave your house again.

Back to the cold. Or warmth. Whatever. Cabin fever is a thing. As is being stranded on the Internet. Have you ever found yourself staring at your inbox like What was I looking for? and Where to next? and, our favorite time warp, Who am I?

Solution: We’ve curated our list of ten places to visit on the Internet right now. Consider it a virtual stay-cation. Which is better than an actual staycation because you don’t need to put on the layers to leave your house or even your bed. And certainly no need to check into a hotel or backyard yurt or wherever people go on stay-cations.

Plus it’s free. Well, as free as the Internet. Remember when net neutrality died?

Back to it; DII Nine Tips for Surviving the Polar Vortex.

Tip one: Stay inside. Tips two through nine below. It’s packed full of Detroit historical facts and Detroit trivia because knowledge keeps the mind sharp!

Bundle up, Friends.

Sister Pie/ Order Shit on Amazon

Old news – our pie friends came out with a cookbook that topped the New York Time’s list of baking books. If you haven’t scored your copy, now’s your chance—it’s on Amazon.

Snow days are perfect for making pie or shopping or watching your favorite HBO show. Anyone catch that episode of High Maintenance where the messenger loses his bike and becomes obsessed with the free section on Craigslist? Soooo good.

Anyone know how Lisa Ludwinski stays fit eating cookies all day?

Sister Pie. The book. Buy your copy here.



In 1955, Canadian ice hockey player Gordie Howe made the series winning goal that won the Detroit Red Wings a Stanley Cup. Did we get that wording correct? Sports aren’t really our thing. But vintage-y photos are!

Check out these photos of players playing with a big cup.

Detroit Ice House

Remember that time when photographer Gregory Holm and architect Matthew Radune bought a house in Detroit and doused water on it?  “Detroit Ice House,” 2010. An architectural installation. Some folks complained. Others applauded. It will forever be astounding.

Google image search “Detroit Ice House.” The results are BONKERS. The above photo is by David Legg. His work is great.


“Ice House Detroit,” a Detroit architectural project. The house was encased in ice, formed by spraying water. February, 2010.

Hello, World. Buy (Love)Land! 

Before Loveland does whatever it is they do now, all the city’s saleable properties were collected into one easy to access database—perfect for buying last ditch properties, pretty easily accessed from anywhere in the world. Before that, there was micro real estate.

Roughly a decade ago, Loveland co-founder, Jerry Paffendorf, came to Detroit from one of the coasts, bought a vacant lot, and started selling inches of land at the price of a dollar an inch. Property came with a stamp-sized deed and various other prizes. We were total land buying fans! We had big hopes of building a small getaway. Re: Staycation.

We have no idea what happened to that plot of land but we are certain it is now cold. Very, very cold.

Unless someone tore it down, there’s still a Loveland mural inside the Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue. File under “Detroit field trip idea for a warmer day.”

Snow Storm!

Detroit, 1974: a huge blizzard hits Detroit and people are forced to crawl on top of their cars and keep themselves warm with giant beards and outlandish 1970s fashion. #itcouldbeworse


The Detroit 1978 Blizzard

Our man from Marble Bar says it’s like Boston every year. And somehow that feels like a challenge.

Belle Isle

Obviously we’re not suggesting you leave your bed, but look at this collection of home videos from the past century, courtesy of the Detroit Historical Society,

1928 was a great year.

Wait for it . . . there’s snow near the end.

A Mystery


RJ Fox, Awaiting Identification

It was recently announced that a group of Ann Arbor based filmmakers will be taking on RJ Fox’s 2015 novel, Love & Vodka.

Confession: we got halfway through our copy of his latest book, Awaiting Identification, before leaving it behind somewhere in Nebraska. It’s an old fashioned detective story loosely based on true crime stories in our hometown, Detroit.

To borrow the Amazon-notes:

Five bodies, five intersecting storylines, five lives . . . each searching for hope and redemption.”

Note to self: buy new copy. With three books to Fox’s name, this is a total spending hole worth the minor credit card damage.

Nine to Five


Nine to Five

Lily Tomlin is from Detroit. She’s in a movie called, Nine to Five, alongside Dolly Parton. It’s one of our favorites. Tomlin’s character plays Snow White in a fantasy scene.

It’s the perfect movie for a snow day. Or any day, really.

Also, Third Man Detroit is alright, but Dollywood!

Bonus! Jack & Dolly

Covers can go terribly wrong. Or not. The White Stripes take on “Jolene” and we are there for it. On repeat.