Things change. There used to be a place called the Mexican Fiesta Center where Tunde Wey hosted one of his first Nigerian popup dinners that was served well over two hours late because he was, literally, the only person in the kitchen.  In the now growing Detroit food scene, this was after (revolver) but before Selden Standard, and the thing everyone wanted to eat was magic chicken at Taqueria El Rey. Which is still true. The Fiesta Center closed, and El Club took over in a burst of neon, rolling appearances by John Waters, and Pepe Z Pizza that served choice flavor combinations and toppings like crickets. It was delicious. All that remains the same. Except Pepe Z is now El Club Pizza, and they offer pies with vegan cheese, no crickets, expanded hours, and a dedicated takeout (hot)line. Proving change is inevitable—and exciting.

We sat down with El Club’s owner, Graeme Flegenheimer, to question him on the subject. We did not raise the topic of a magic chicken collaboration, but we should have.

CV Henriette: The pizza program is updated. What’s new about it?

Graeme Flegenheimer: We retooled our dough + sauce recipes. Introducing new pies to the menu, like MC5, The Meat City 5, our ode to meat lovers + rock n roll fanatics. We have new pesto pies… And starting May 1st,  we’re open for lunch Thursday-Sunday 11:30AM-3PM. We’ve joined Grubhub + Ubereats for delivery. Plus we have a dedicated phone line for take out.

CVh: Best pizza memory?

GF: Eating a slice in NYC on a sunny day.

CVh: Square or round?  

GF: Square.

CVh: Best pizza in the world? Not El Club.

GF: Prince St Pizza.

CVh: How do you feel about bagel bites?  

GF: I was more of a hot pocket man.

CVh: Upcoming show you’re most excited about?

GF: Trip Metal Fest 3 + Ronnie Spector.


For more about the new offerings at El Club, check out this informative piece by our friends at the Metro Times.