Run, Rover, Run

We've teamed up with Detroit Dog Rescue to highlight some of the best spots to get some playtime in with your pup!

Spring is here, and with it comes the end of cabin fever and the beginning of muddy paws and days spent soaking up the sun with your favorite canine friends. We’re teaming up with Detroit Dog Rescue to highlight some of the best places to let your four-legged best friends enjoy time outside, beyond the usual dog parks throughout the city. We’ll also showcase the stars of the rescue, who are all still waiting for the fur-ever homes!

Belle Isle & Apricot

Apricot, an unbelievably snuggly, three-year-old Viszla/Pit mix, has been with DDR for two years. When DDR staff told me this, I looked at them shocked, as Apricot wormed her way into my lap and promptly fell asleep with her head in the sun. We decided to take Apricot to Belle Isle, so she could fully enjoy the sunshine and bird watching (I’m told she loves chasing the birds in the Detroit Dog Rescue yard).

Belle Isle is a great place for your canine friends, with 982-acres, there are endless locations to get some playtime in. Just remember to respect others, and keep your pup on-leash and clean up after them.

The Riverwalk, Hart Plaza & Starbucks

When I first met Starbucks, I couldn’t get over how handsome and friendly he was. I couldn’t think of him as a terrified and abandoned dog even if I tried my hardest. All he wanted to do was greet everyone that crossed his path. We took Starbucks to Detroit’s Riverfront and Hart Plaza to take advantage of our early spring temperatures. With the typical Pit mix smile, he strutted down the Riverfront, looking up every once in a while to check that I was still there.

Though the Riverfront does get busy on nice days and the weekends, it is an excellent place to get a long walk in. When the weather warms up, the fountains come alive as well, which allows pups to cool off, play and get a drink, before powering on the rest of the way.