Walking the Dog with Detroit Dog Rescue

We've teamed up with Detroit Dog Rescue to highlight some of the best spots to get some playtime in with your pup!

Spring is here, and with it comes the end of cabin fever and the beginning of muddy paws and days spent soaking up the sun with your favorite canine friends. We’re teaming up with Detroit Dog Rescue to highlight some of the best places to let your four-legged best friends enjoy time outside, beyond the usual dog parks throughout the city. We’ll also showcase the stars of the rescue, who are all still waiting for the fur-ever homes!

Balduck Park & Max

Max, a Lab-mix, is a big goofball who enjoys playing and being loved on by everyone. Despite his size, he is determined to be a lap dog, and will worm his way into your lap to snuggle up. Max just finished being treated for heartworm and is looking for his future family now. He loves to jump to catch tennis balls and slobber all over them (and people). We took Max to Balduck Park on the far east side of Detroit, and he was so happy to explore in the dog park, and take a walk around the perimeter of the entire park. It was really nice to let him explore the small wooded area with hills and let him splash in some puddles from a previous rainy day.

Eastern Market, Murals in the Market & Penelope

When Penelope, a Pit Bull mix, first came out of her kennel into the office, she ran up to me, gave me a big wet kiss and proceeded to flop over for belly rubs. This sweet girl wants nothing more than to have love and affection from everyone around. It is so hard to think that someone abused her so badly, that DDR staff wasn’t sure she would make it. We decided to take Penelope to Eastern Market to check out the Murals in the Market, and give her a nice, relaxing walk on an off day for the market area. We stopped at the 0uizi and Michelle Tanguay mural on Wilkins Street, Felipe Pantone’s mural and Ghostbeard and Patch Whiskey’s murals on Winder Street.

If you’ve never been to Eastern Market, the weekends can get a little chaotic, so it’s best to leave pups at home then. However, during the week, the market area is a bit quieter, which makes it a great time to walk around, enjoy the amazing murals by different artists, and get a nice walk in with your dog. You can even walk down to the Dequindre Cut from Eastern Market and get an extended walk in as well. And if you need to stock up on pet supplies, you can stop into 3 Dogs 1 Cat in Eastern Market.