Our bodies are made of water

The human body cannot survive without water.

It is the largest natural renewal resource—renewable only if its well managed.

Three percent of the total Earth’s water is freshwater

Of that, 69% is found in glaciers, 30% in groundwater and 3% in lakes and rivers

Michigan is surrounded by the greatest body of freshwater on Earth.

Who uses it?

Just 1/3 of the Earth’s water is accessible for use in agriculture and cities.

Who owns it?

Who has right’s to it?

One of the Biggest Challenges of the 21st Century

That is WHY WATER. 

Join us Tuesday, June 4th, 6:30 pm as a media partner to Sustainable Brands, at The Detroit Club, where we welcome special guest Dune Ives, Executive Director of Lonely Whale, Matt Welch of Circle of Blue and co-hosts Parjana, FINN Partners, Cleveland Water Alliance. We host an evening of networking and discussion as we take on the most pressing issue of our times and the hyperlocalized challenges that come with it.