Brian Oscar AKA Wrcklés is a Brooklyn native who came to Detroit by way of the College for Creative Studies for illustration and product design. He dropped out of art school but stuck around the city to form the artist collective, Stableheed, and help create the Fire House Music Series.

A multi-disciplinary creative with a focus on visual and sonic based experiences—call him DJ, Rhymeslayer, and Painter of Skateboards. Additional titles pending.

Topics Covered: Octopus, Honesty, and Hamtramck good food.

DII: What’s the last album you purchased? 

Wrcklés: Oh. Yesterday—D‘Angelo, a single, Forth and Back. If we mean full, then Vacation in Hell by Flatbush Zombies 

DII: What’s the last album you’ve listened to in its entirety? 

Wrcklés: Nasir by Nas. 

DII: How do you listen to music at home? 

Wrcklés: Usually on headphones and monitors. It has to be loud enough to feel.

DII: Name one song that’s changed you. 

Wrcklés: Constant Surprises by Little Dragon.

DII: Sun sign?

Wrcklés: Cancer.

DII: Inner avatar? 

Wrcklés: If we’re talking animals, I’d say an octopus.

DII: If we’re not talking animals?

Wrcklés: Anything?

DII: Anything! 

Wrcklés: *No response*

DII: What’s the characteristic you like most in people?

Wrcklés: Honesty.

DII: Dislike the most? 

Wrcklés: Pessimism. 

DII: What do you like most about Detroit?

Wrcklés: Hamtramck good food.

DII: What’s taken some getting used to?

Wrcklés: Lack of public transportation.



Nothing but the Best (feat. Ari Lennox) by EARTHGANG

Bloom by bLAck Party

Khlorine (feat. Smino) by Sango

OooWee by Rapsody

Headstone by Flatbush Zombies

Shade by IAMDDB

Body Roll So Thowed by Superwickedcool

Bahia Dreamin’ by Karriem Riggins

Water by Sudan Archives

Earl Sweatshirt Type Beat by Mick Jenkins

Constant Surprises by Little Dragon

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