See Our Light: Second Chance Ministries

Minister Prince Kootama preaches to all walks of life at Second Chance Ministries in a nondescript location on Michigan Avenue in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood.

In this series, DII gets insight into the workings that go on behind the scenes of the city’s places of worship and faith, regardless of denomination. And the people that help us “See our Light.”

Inside Minister Kootama brings together a steady group of the city’s homeless and underprivileged community members every Wednesday evening at 7pm for a service and a meal. His preaching’s fall under the umbrella of Evangelical Christianity as he performs physical blessings – which often take the shape of “cleansings” – after each service. He believes in The Word and through it that everybody can be saved. He also believes that Detroit is the place to do the Lord’s work. A second Second Chance Ministry has taken shape in Ohio.

Minister Kootama’s ministry is a self-initiated space for good deeds, doing work that most don’t see value in, and changing lives of most everyone he touches.

Second Chance Ministry, 2535 Michigan Ave.