5 Abundant Earth Day Activities in Detroit 2022 to Beatify the City This Spring

Earth Day Activities in Detroit Are a Win-Win. Be Open to Being Green in Detroit Year-Round.


Detroit is getting greener while still preserving its rich history. Earth day activities in Detroit 2022 involve care, effort, and the belief in a better city life replenished by Mother Earth. The more we share our respect for the planet, the more results we’ll see that encourage greater involvement. Whether you attend a meeting, plant a tree, or participate in a volunteer cleanup, every action adds up!

Detroitisit rounded up a list of Earth Day activities in Detroit 2022 for you to participate in on the exact day or other days this spring season. The beautification of the city of Detroit can be celebrated year-long. Earth day is a year-long celebration!


Earth day every day


There’s a special kind of high around Earth Day. If you enjoy Earth Day cleanups in Detroit, you may want to look into what else the city is working together on year-round to support a sustainable & resilient Detroit.  What better time to make a difference in the city than when the sun is shining the most? The Green Task Force works together to support a sustainable & resilient Detroit. Attend a meeting, sign up for a committee, and volunteer with Detroit’s sustainability leaders.

Date & Time:

Sat, April 23, 2022

10:00 AM – 12:00 PM EDT

You’re invited to the Annual Earth Day Award Celebration! State Recreation Pass Required. RSVP by April 18 on Eventbrite HERE or call 313-224-1198. Located at Belle Isle, Pavilion 8W at Riverbank Rd 99 Pleasure Drive.



Can’t make it to the Green Task Force Earth Day Celebration? Check out the Outdoor Mushroom Cultivation Workshop on May 14. Celebrate Earth Day by planting trees A.K.A life into Treetroit 1. The park expanded with two more city lots, which means more homes for trees! to give more trees their forever home. Birches, Cedars, Redbuds, and more. You will be bringing more beauty and life to the earth. The city could use more oxygen! The plan for Earth Day Tree Planting at Circle Forest is to dig holes, push wheelbarrows, and spread wood chips to mulch the new trees. Ultimately, you will learn how to properly plant a tree with the tools provided. Be prepared to give it your best effort! Click HERE for more information. Located Circle Forest – Arboretum Detroit 3301 East Palmer StreetDetroit, MI, 48211.

Date & Time:

Friday, April 22, 2022

3:00 PM  6:00 PM


planting trees



Stay up-to-date with The Greening of Detroit’s schedule for Spring 2022. Take green to the streets this month and beyond. The Greening of Detroit continues to build on the foundation of its green infrastructure program, which focuses on serving and empowering Detroit communities in the development of healthy green, and productive landscapes. Detroit’s urban city life requires an earthly balance. The work combines information, education, and community outreach to support the installation and maintenance of ecological landscapes. Click HERE for a list of tree plantings in Detroit in April and the rest of spring.



This list of Earth Day activities in Detroit 2022 should be motivating enough to do your part. Volunteering helps you see the community and feel more connected to it…and the earth! The neighborhoods look better each year because of the community’s year-long efforts. MCM365 is an annual citywide volunteer cleanup and beautification initiative. Partnering with block clubs on their clean-up efforts has become essential to the success of this initiative over the years. Clean-ups are scheduled by Council Districts on specific weekends throughout May and June. Individuals and groups MUST register with the City of Detroit to receive limited supplies and to schedule special pickups. Get involved in their Earth Day events, flower planting, neighborhood day, anti-litter campaigns, safe routes to schools, or recycling training and events. Register HERE or call 313-224-4415 to help keep Detroit clean! Taking action spreads more long-lasting love everywhere.



Recycling and giving back wall


“Reduce, reuse, recycle may be an “over-recycled” phrase, for lack of a better term, but we need the reminder! Taking daily action is crucial. Overwhelm with everything going on in the world can actually make us feel more helpless and less motivated to do anything. Earth Day activities in Detroit can be as simple as being more mindful and setting an example for your neighborhood. However, being mindful goes a long way. Request a blue recycling cart! The City of Detroit offers free, curbside recycling to all single-family homes and buildings with 1-4 units for Detroit residents through their voluntary program.

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