Big Sean & Eminem Foundations to Help Combat Homelessness

The Sean Anderson Foundation and Marshall Mathers Foundation are matching donations dollar for dollar


January 29th is the annual “Point-in-Time Count day.” And with that comes teams that will be moving all around the country to keep a running tally of who is experiencing homelessness.

On the local front, Lighthouse, who offers services like Emergency Shelters, Food Pantries, and more, will be helping in this endeavor, while also providing needed supplies and warm shelter to the individuals they find.

According to too the press release, “The Marshall Mathers Foundation and Sean Anderson Foundation have teamed up to help Lighthouse in our mission to build communities that end poverty. Together, they have provided a $10,000 match opportunity. They will be matching all donations, dollar for dollar, up to $10,000 through the end of the month.”

While it is a relatively small amount to some for celebrity donations, the dollar-to-dollar match, along with the surrounding clout in names, will hopefully bring in some coin to assist in the aid that’s needed.

We have a very large homeless population in Detroit. Between shelters to visit, along with overpasses and underpasses being occupied, we must shed a light on the many who stay out in the cold during wintertime, who are affected by poverty, addiction, or mental illness.

While many will scoff at someone holding up a sign as they drive by a freeway exit occupying a homeless person, or ignore people when they walk by them on the street, I have to remind you of Empathy. The biggest space, to me, between two people in 2020 is a lack of empathy for the other humans you pass on the street.

Maybe Eminem and Big Sean get that, being from Detroit. Maybe they don’t and are just doing some good with their foundations. Either way, we can attempt to make a difference, not just by donating, but by changing our tune on what we believe the homeless population should do to survive and actually roll up our sleeves and get to work.

To donate to the cause, please visit the link provided by Lighthouse here.

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