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Colin Tury is a Maker of Cool Furniture in Detroit

In Conversation with the Detroit Based Furniture Designer and his Love for Chicken Parm Sandwiches

Colin Tury

Meet Colin Tury. Artist. Designer. Maker of furniture and lighting that is simple and thoughtful—and, the case of the chair below, surprisingly comfortable.

We sat down with Tury to talk origin and inspiration.


CV Henriette: Favorite season?

Colin Tury: Winter, it’s so quiet.

CVh: Favorite color?

CT: Black.

CVh: Favorite material? Why? 

CT: Brass. It’s gold without the bullshit.

CVh: Why do you make furniture? Fun origin story to share? 

CT: That’s a deeper question. It started as an answer to a young hobby.  It has become a question of what defines me. Now furniture is an automatic response to combining materials in the shop.

CVh: Why do you make furniture in Detroit? We know your work. You could be doing this anywhere, yeah?

CT: This is where it all started for me. To be anywhere else would be would feel insincere.

CVh: Do furniture designers only hang out with other furniture designers? Do you have any non-furniture sources of inspiration? 

CT: I’m not sure, my dogs consume most of my free time. Most of my inspiration comes from things we dream about as kids such as space, robots and machines.  I try to believe there is more out there.

CVh: Secret career fantasy?

CT: Unlimited sandpaper.

CVh: Question I forgot to ask? 

CT: My favorite sandwich is a chicken parm.

The Fairfax Lounge Chair, featured above, is currently on view as part of SHAPE at Shinola’s Midtown Detroit store, located at 441 W Canfield St. Tury’s furniture and objects may be purchased through NEXT:SPACE.