Common Citizen Detroit Has Cornered the Posh Weed Market

New-to-Detroit Dispensary is Modern, Safe, and Offers Quality Consumption

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Common Citizen has been on the trail, working to open dispensaries in Michigan, and the newest location is officially open in Detroit off of Jefferson Ave. just passed Belle Isle.

The spaces are minimalist in design, with black and white accents, with great product displays. The team behind Common Citizen noted that while they have opened this is a temporary set-up while building the other phases of the facility. They have three storefronts at the Detroit location, and they plan on opening walls on either side to expand the space to make it look like the other locations that already in Michigan.


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The unique part of the Common Citizen locations is how they set up the merchanding of their product. They have split off from the formula of Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid styles of Cannabis and are linking to the effects that the strains have, like Pain Relief, Relaxation, and more, which makes it a lot easier not only for first-time consumers but a quicker transaction due to knowing what exactly you want out of your past Cannabis experience.

Common Citizen has new locations coming soon listed on their website which includes Hazel Park and Warren.





Be sure to go and check out the space yourself. The main question likely on your mind is if Common Citizen is recreational? It currently is NOT RECREATIONAL in Detroit, and you will have to have a medical marijuana card in order to purchase from the store until Detroit’s recreational laws change, which is set to be re-reviewed in January 2020.

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