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Celebrating a Ford Escape Inspired Adventure in the Motor City

The Ford 2020 Escape Reveal Inspired Us to Share Even More Adventures of Fellow Detroiters


What’s great about hitting the open road with the brand new 2020 Ford Escape? With the slew of features and best-in-class mileage, drivers are able to escape to wherever the wind takes them, if you get my drift.

To celebrate the launch of the new compact SUV, we’ve asked a few of Detroit’s entreprenuers, creatives and business owners to share their favorite escapes in their daily life —as well as their favorite escapes from Detroit (but don’t worry, they always come back).




Ford Escape 2020 Details: 
– Completely redesigned new 2020 Escape best offers four new propulsion choices including two all-new hybrids.
-Standard hybrid targets best-in-class,  EPA-estimated range of more than 550 miles.
– Plug-in hybrid targets a best-in-class EPA-estimated pure-electric range of 30+ miles.
– Ford’s smartest-ever small SUV features new selectable drive modes and Ford Co-Pilot360TM driver-assist technology.
– Available features include a 12.3-inch all-digital instrument cluster, a first-for-Ford in North America heads-up display and first-in-class driver-assist features Active Park Assist 2.0 and Evasive Steering Assist.


Detroit Escapes

Rita Sayegh


Curator + Buyer of unique retail goods. Currently, the co-Proprietor of Sabine, the luxury goods shop at the Siren Hotel.  

What keeps you in Detroit? Our independent creative community. I’ve been living in Detroit for nearly 25 years, and there has always existed a close-knit community of dreamers and doers. We have vision and imagination in order to create opportunities that are not readily available, and we have the drive and support, from each other, to make them happen. I hope that never changes.

Favorite Detroit escape? I’ve taken some rowing classes at the Belle Isle Boat Club. Gliding along the Detroit River reveals an unexpected view of the city—it reminds me how much I love Detroit’s proximity to the water and its not so obvious beauty

Favorite escape from Detroit? Paris is my idea of a cultural mecca. It’s a city that respects its history and holds art and culture in the highest esteem.  


Detroit Escapes

Brian Oscar



Occupation? Multidisciplinary Creative 

What keeps you in Detroit? The creative community. The people I’ve been coming up with have learned a lot here and also created a lot. I’m invested in the city and seeing it grow.


Favorite Detroit escape? I’d have to say Belle Isle, but The DIA is a prime location for all seasons.


Favorite escape from Detroit? Brooklyn. NY will always have a place in my heart—and it’s one I love returning to. 



Detroit Escapes

Jon & Ash



Occupation? Nightlife Architect. 

What keeps you in Detroit? It’s home! Nothing feels better than that.  

Favorite Detroit escape? Belle Isle Conservatory Cactus Room.  

Favorite escape from Detroit? Our cute next-door neighbor, Windsor. 



Occupation? Creative Polymath. 

What keeps you in Detroit? The people, the creators. 

Favorite Detroit escape? Any of the tennis courts around town. 

Favorite escape from Detroit? Toronto, Atlanta and Miami. 


Detroit Escapes

CanDace Johnson



Occupation? Director of Digital Content, Hi CanDace, where I specialize in content strategy for lifestyle brands


What keeps you in Detroit? My partner and I own a home here, I love the community and I love that I am a stone’s throw away from nature.

Favorite Detroit escape? Belle Isle; I love to take my dogs here, scout for eagles and take long walks. 


Favorite escape from Detroit? New York. I left there four years ago to return to Detroit—and now find it so much fun to visit.   I get to visit my friends, go to my favorite places and experience the city as an insider, not a tourist. 


Detroit Escapes

Sean Patrick



Occupation? Owner of Willis Show Bar, Creative Director, Deejay.


What keeps you in Detroit? Endless possibilities that we can bring to life here.


Favorite Detroit escape? Cranbrook Museum & Campus and Belle Isle.


Favorite escape from Detroit? Grand Canyon & Monument Valley, Colorado, Big Bear, California & Puerta Vuerta, Mexico. 

Michigan Central Station, Centerpiece of Ford's Corktown Campus