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Detroit is This! Savvy Owner of Detroit’s Peacock Room Shares Her Favorite Spots

Shopping at Eastern Market, A Walk in the Cemetery and a Show at the Detroit Film Theater Equals a Great Saturday in Detroit for Rachel Lutz


The owner of the wildly successful Peacock Room, – Detroit’s ‘destination shop for everyday glamour in all sizes’ – grew up around business in Detroit, working at her family’s two businesses there – a hi-fi equipment store in the 1960’s and an IT consulting firm in the 80’s.

DII caught up with the one-and-only Rachel Lutz recently to gain insights on her perspective of the city, and favorite places in frequent.

Q: What is your favorite Detroit memory as a kid? 

A: My parents would take me to work with them, starting at the Whitney as it was being developed into a restaurant. They rented the second floor and carriage house (so they could put the huge early 1980s computers in the horse stalls). Later, they moved to the mezzanine of the Fisher Building, and I remember all the little shops and restaurants.

When I was 12, I helped answer phones at our office in Greektown in the early 1990s. No one knew that I was a kid,- my mom dressed me up in “grown-up work clothes.”

My dad would hand me people mover tokens and $10, and tell me I could go anywhere for lunch. I would usually go to the Music Menu, Sweetwater Tavern, or the Ren Cen. Even if I went someplace nearby, I’d still take the People Mover for a tour of all the beautiful brick buildings and to see the river. Detroit made me fall in love with all cities, from a young age.

Q: An acquaintance is coming into town for one night and asks where they should have dinner and a drink. What do you recommend?

A: Detroit has an embarrassment of riches when it comes to dining now. As I do with my customers when finding the perfect gift or outfit, I ask visitors the same thing- what are you passionate about? I love matchmaking the person to the experience. Like a casual dive? Duly’s. An authentic Detroit neighborhood joint? Caper’s. Feeling fancy? Hit up Le Suprême in Book Tower. Need a quiet, romantic spot? Cuisine in New Center.

Q: You find yourself with a free Saturday afternoon and want to spend it roaming around the city – what places will you hit?

A: Of course, I have to stop by Eastern Market, and the earlier the better. We have favorite farmers that we like to buy from, and the good stuff goes early!

Then I’d take a walk in one of our cemeteries. I love living in Elmwood Park- we’re named after Elmwood Cemetery, a beautiful place to walk year-round. I’d have lunch at Ima, and hit some of my favorite shops in the area (City Bird, ArtLoft, and the museum gift shops). Maybe a show at Detroit Film Theater.

Q: What’s your favorite most recent discovery in the city over the past year? 

A: I’m always discovering new ghost signs – old advertisements from businesses long gone. Taking the non-highway route has its perks!

Q: What’s the most under-rated spot that deserves more visibility?

A: Savvy Chic in Eastern Market is a GORGEOUS escape from the everyday. Craig’s Coffee has become my favorite coffee roaster, and Rosa on Grand River for a sit-down spot.

Q: What is your favorite thing when it comes to Detroit fashion? 

A: My favorite thing about Detroit fashion is DETROITERS. Detroiters love to dress. Ladies in their magnificent hats, gentlemen coordinated from head to toe, casual outfits that are anything but actually casual, and everyone wearing their own style their own way. We have such a cultural legacy of fashion and style.

Q: What are your favorite new fashion boutiques/stores? 

A: I don’t like to trumpet something just because it’s new, so I’ll mention some that really stand out to me:

Flo Boutique, Savvy Chic in Eastern Market, Mama Coo’s, Flamingo Vintage, Coup D’étatSimply Casual, Henry the Hatter, Spectacle Society. Every man in town needs to know about Mature, Bleu Bowtique, and George Gregory. Nearby: Backstitch in Highland Park, and Tekla Vintage in Hamtramck.

Q: What’s your favorite season in Detroit and why?

A: Fall, because the streets are paved with gold honey locust leaves 💛

Q: What makes a Detroiter?

A: Anyone who’s rooting for Detroit is a Detroiter in my book.

Q: What do you treasure most about the city?

A: The people. The architecture. The art. The music. The love.

Q: It’s Thursday night and you don’t have plans, what’s that one go-to spot you love for a night out?

A: We love to go to Tocororo in Eastern Market. The food is delicious and the bartender makes us custom tropical mocktails. It also doesn’t hurt that they play non-stop animal videos all night.


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