Quotes to Help Navigate Mental Health Awareness Month From Some Favorite Detroiters

May is Mental Health Awareness Month in Detroit & Nationally. We’re Breaking the Silence


As May’s Mental Health Awareness Month comes to a close, Detroitisit is keeping the conversation ongoing around mental health. Mental health awareness in Detroit is prominent as it affects the community regularly.  This broad topic is often searched for on the web because people are aware it requires work, analysis, and constant questions. Treat ourselves and others with extra care these days. After all, mental health and the pandemic have hit us worldwide with instability.

In unforeseen times, there are bright minds leading the way. Creative artists, musicians, foundations, and other non-profits are just a few that connect personally to impact globally. The art of communication is healing & golden. Detroitisit rounded up a list of diversified quotes to provide a greater understanding of our minds.



Children's Foundation Michigan


The younger generation will eventually be our leaders, so it makes sense to provide them with the increased knowledge and resources we have available. The Children’s Foundation supports pediatric research, education, community benefit programs, and other initiatives that improve the health of children in Michigan. For Detroit mental health awareness, we welcome support for the little ones as they grow into astounding change-makers. Here’s what President & Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence J. Burns had to share:

“The Children’s Foundation continues to concentrate on our mental health focus area. We are supporting programs dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, and suicidal thoughts among others. We constantly are looking for new ways to help children and young adults suffering from this disease.  It is truly a disease, not a weakness.”-Lawrence J. Burns.

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Kate Bryan 1 Girl Revolution Detroit



Mental Health Awareness Month in Detroit is getting the girls involved. Social media affects everyone’s mental health, but when used mindfully, it has the power to invite more people to engage in conversations they may otherwise keep to themselves. 1 Girl Revolution is a multimedia platform and podcast that highlights the stories of everyday women who are changing the world through their lives.  Detroit was the perfect place to launch 1 Girl Revolution, so we thought it would be best to include a quote from Detroiter, Kate Bryan, who is the Founder and CEO of 1 Girl Revolution as well as the host of The 1 Girl Revolution Podcast:

“Mental health is one of the most critical issues of our time. As someone whose life has been personally touched by suicide, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, bullying, and more, I recognize how interconnected so many of those issues are and with the mental health and well-being of the person. I’m happy that our world is putting more of a focus on mental health and wellness and normalizing the conversation surrounding it. My hope is that we continue to see even more resources and opportunities for discussion and support regarding mental health and wellness as the conversation continues to be elevated.” – Kate Bryan.

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Michael Francis Miller Detroit artist



Michael Francis Miller was a prolific painter, poet, and founding member of the storied Detroit-based psychobilly band Goober & the Peas. After receiving the daunting diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder (bipolar and schizophrenia), he became an enthusiastic advocate for people struggling with their mental health. Looking for the Light continues the crucial task Miller began years ago. Though he succumbed to the disease in 2001, his vision touches anyone that stops to see it through.



How can you focus on your mental health and support Detroit? Looking for the Light is an art exhibition and event series dedicated to the destigmatization of mental illness. Join them in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month as they aim to confront the issue of mental illness in a celebratory, informational, and inspiring way void of shame. The event will be a three-week offering of art, counsel, education, and fun, highlighting the unique spirit of artists and focusing on all aspects of mental health. Click HERE to RSVP. ON VIEW MAY 13 – 31, 2022.

“When Dan John called to brainstorm ways to honor his brother and his artwork, we thought a
gallery reception and event series would be an impactful way to get the community involved,”
says co-creator Gretchen Gonzales Davidson. “Mental health impacts us all. We want to shift
awareness to remove its stigma, bring light to useful resources, and help people feel like they
are not alone.”


Painting by late artist & musician, Michael Francis Miller



In addition to the Oscar-winning biopic, Walk the Line, Dan John Miller has appeared in many other notable films. Dan has lived his entire life in the Detroit, Michigan area. Whether he’s on stage singing and/or playing guitar while fronting acclaimed bands Blanche and Goober & the Peas or using his voice-acting skills on a national level, or narrating audiobooks, Miller knows the healing power of the voice.

“I think the most frustrating thing right now is that while we have had incredible scientific breakthroughs with brain chemistry, not only for illnesses but also for how our emotions affect our thinking, this all comes at a time when funding is getting cut for so many vital mental health programs. My late brother, Michael Francis Miller, who inspired our ‘Looking For The Light’ series of events in Detroit, was a painter, musician, and mental health advocate, and trying to help him find his way through the darkness of schizophrenia/bi-polar was incredibly frustrating and overwhelming.

That was basically 25 years ago, and now there’s such an opportunity to get help to mentally ill people and their families, but to ensure that funding and programs keep going, the biggest hurdle is still the stigma. Getting people to speak openly about Mental Health is key.”-Dan John Miller


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