Spittin’ Bars with Jay OhSo

Detroit Sounds: Jay OhSo Shares his Tastes, Opinions, and What he’s Listening To


If you haven’t heard of Jay OhSo, now’s your chance. He’s a lyricist at the top of his game, spittin’ rhymes for the better half of the 2010s. He is also gearing up for the release of a new body of work, as well as getting some Detroit shows under his belt.

His upcoming appearance will be live at Detroit Shipping Co. for the Cut Throat Freak Show (the very same from ‘America’s Got Talent’) on Friday, Sept. 20, free cover.

We caught up with Jay OhSo and asked him about some of his tastes, opinions, and what he’s listening to currently to keep the creative juices flowing.


DII: How do you listen to music in your own time?

JO: Usually on YouTube, but I really don’t listen to music as much unless it’s my own. I’m usually trying to learn to mix my music better or listening to podcasts.

DII: The last album you listened to in its entirety?

JO: Dave East’s ‘Kairi Chanel.’

Photo shared by Jay OhSo

DII: What instrument do you wish you could play?

JO: Banjo, and I’m not sure why, exactly. Something in my gut.

DII: Favorite musician you hate to love?

JO: Joe Budden

DII: What were your musical influences?

I have lot of them. Jay Z, Joe Budden, Fabolous, Eminem, Lil’ Wayne…


Listen to Jay OhSo’s curated playlist below, and don’t forget to check out his music online or this Friday at Detroit Shipping Co. for the Cut Throat Freak Show!


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