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Riding High in Michigan

Detroit Sounds: Artist Jason Yates Curates Some Burners to Celebrate Legal Weed

riding high

Riding high. And higher still.

On Tuesday, voters in Michigan passed a proposal legalizing marijuana. Making it, in the words of Detroit Free Press writer, Kathleen Gray, “the first state in the Midwest to free the weed.” Which: A.) Lies. Weed is not free. It still costs money. In fact, more. Because it now comes with a 10% tax.  B.) Exactly what else that means—we, frankly, have no idea. The powers that be say it’s going to take a year to get the market up and running which sounds like a logistical shitshow at best. Whatever. We’re not here to be journalists.

“Corporate weed sucks. Grow your own, Michigan.”   Jason Yates

riding highBut we do have some FACTS: 

  • Legal weed age is 21 +
  • Individuals can legally grow up to 12 plants for personal use
  • It’s still illegal to smoke or vape in public
  • And definitely still illegal to drive high
  • Employers can still fire you for marijuana use

So, yeah, weed is free! Sort of. To celebrate, we hit up our friend and weed expert, artist Jason Yates, to make a playlist for the occasion. What makes him an expert? He smokes it, grows it, has a vast record collection and lives in California, making this not his first legal weed rodeo. Plus, he used to hang with George Clinton—and that has to count for something.

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