A Family-Owned and Operated Chip Brand from the Heart of Metro Detroit

Downey’s Potato Chips are Michigan Based Hand-Seasoned Chips You Probably Don’t Know Existed


Have you ever tasted Downey’s Potato Chips? If the answer is no, you’re missing out on something delicious, a Michigan potato chip with family values and traditions tracing back nearly 36 years.

1984 marked the beginning of Downey’s Potato Chips when Rosemary Downey Hogarth and her family began making potato



chips at their store in Waterford’s Waterfall Plaza, handing out the fried chips for free to people in the parking lot. Gaining interest and momentum from customers lining up outside the door, to meet the demand Downey’s Potato Chips made the move to Highland Road in Waterford, Michigan, where the factory now sits.

Through the years, Rosemary’s grandchildren carried on the family businesses, eventually selling the company in 2012 to yet another family-oriented owner, who has kept the highly-valued Downey family traditions alive.

Their customers know what they want and this fall the brand will introduce a new and improved brand image and chip formula.

“What sets us aside from other brands is that we deeply care, down to the core, about our customers. Since we’re a smaller company, we are so reliant on our customers – they are our main priority,” says Kali Bagley, General Manager of Downey’s Potato Chips.

Every potato is cut of any imperfections by hand, as well as cooked, sorted, and inspected by hand. “We don’t have machinery for that,” says Bagley. “But we take care to the next level because honestly, we just want to make the best product and we’re local, we care about the people that are next door.”



Flavors such as Original, Barbecue, Hickory BBQ, Sour Cream & Chive, Vinegar & Sea Salt can be found at select retailers such as Kroger and Nino Salvaggio, as well as multiple independently owned stores in the Waterford area. “The Waterford stores see amazing sales numbers,” says Bagley. “I think that’s just a testament to how much people in the community know us and have loved us for so long, our hope is to create this relationship with other communities as we continue to expand.”

The brand takes pride in supporting other Michigan-owned businesses, sourcing potatoes from Michigan farmers whenever possible, and working with a local company in Livonia, Michigan to source the cooking oil. “We try to do everything we can for other local brands,” says Bagley.


Visit the Downey’s Potato Chips website for additional information on where you can find the product.

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