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Ford Promotes World Water Day, Conserving Natural Resources

With Earth Day Approaching, Ford Takes Steps to Eliminate Use of Water in Manufacturing


In honor of World Water Day, Ford released a quick PSA to note a major change they are looking to implement in their facilities. According to the PSA (which you can watch below), Ford is looking to eliminate one of the biggest natural resources from their manufacturing cycles: Water.

In the video, Ford shares the following:

“At Ford, we’re going further to help conserve natural resources. So, we’ve set a goal to eliminate use of the world’s most precious one from our manufacturing… WATER. Less than 1% of the planet’s water is available for human use. The other 99% is salt water, fresh water frozen in polar ice caps, or inaccessible.

From 2000 to 2018, we reduced water use in manufacturring by 65%. Our ultimate goal: Zero water use in manufacturing.”


Watch the video here:


With the ramp-up toward environmental-based events like the Great Global CleanUp: Detroit River, among other nature-based efforts, and the constant discussion about Global Warming and the need for Climate Change initiatives, this announcement and desire to change comes at no better time than right now.

With Michigan having access to the Great Lakes, and the direct connection with the Detroit River, it’s both exciting and invigorating for the city to see such a pledge from Ford. The Detroit River itself has even been dubbed the “Greatest Commercial Artery on Earth,” and people are mega-passionate about keeping that water clean, healthy, and accessible to all.

It reminds us of the notion that The Cleveland Water Alliance Lead by Executive Director Bryan Stubbs shared with us in June of 2019,

“It’s our belief that by investing in the water ecosystem, we can really spur research and innovation and technology in the same breath.”


Another notable share from the same piece comes from FINN’s leader of Global Sustainability and Social Impact Practice Jane Madden.

“You can’t just go out there anymore and say ‘look at us, we’re a political, green company… You have to prove it with action, and you have to prove it with data.”


While many will have skeptical thoughts like “How will we change the Earth with only a few companies moving this way, versus making it a mandated thing?” The important thing to realize, just like voting, is that your contributions matter.

With Ford putting the notion first and creating a public goal, we can have a healthier and safer world, and they may also inspire other companies to follow suit. Sometimes it just takes someone going first to become a leader, and since Ford is already leading by example in other areas, they have once again proven their commitment to Detroit, and by extension, the world.


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