Icons: Olga’s Kitchen

Stepping Back in Time As If It Never Moved With Olga

In this series DII goes behind the people and companies that made have made the fabric of Detroit over all these years. The companies that have helped put Detroit on the map, and brought national and international recognition to the city.

Olga Loizon. She’s a whirlwind. The energy is palpable. You get the sense she simply doesn’t hear the word “no” and doesn’t know how to stop. She’s of a ‘certain age’ but everything about her says that’s only a number. She has the style of a woman that’s always on and a way all her own. You can’t miss her and you don’t want to. Olga started her regional Greek food franchise business, Olga’s Kitchen, in the early ’70s and has been serving “Olga’s bread” and her signature wrap sandwiches for decades. And she’s certainly proud of it!