5 Smoothie & Juice Bars in Detroit to Rejuvenate Your Inner Light This Summer

These Juicy Spots Are Making It Sweet & Easy For Healthy Choices


Drink up the summer solstice light and good times. Juice Bars in Detroit are serving up just as sweet treats as ice cream. When sugar is natural from fruits, there’s really no need to add sweeteners to your smoothie, except maybe a little honey! Most people are on-the-go and prefer a quick bite, which can lead to unhealthy and/or unsustaining choices. Lucky for locals, many of these juice bars in Detroit also have other snack and lunch items. DROUGHT is moving towards wholesale, but you’ll still be able to find some of their drinks around Detroit retailers!

Detroitisit rounded up a bursting list of smoothie and juice bars in Detroit that’ll help you glide around the motor city with greater light in your step.


Beyond Juicery + Eatery Detroit



Celebrate Beyond Juicery + Eatery and their support for neighboring communities! Their Fuel Up for Funds program allows the local community to not only enjoy a fresh meal but also help local organizations raise money for amazing causes that everyone is connected through. Be daring and go for a juice cleanse! It helps to detoxify the body by giving your digestive system a much-needed rest from the toxicity in daily food consumption and from the exhaustive process of breaking down food for nutrients. Perhaps a Frozen Lemonade and Caesar Wrap is more your jam. A Boba Blue Bowl also looks intriguing! Click HERE to view their menu.

Detroit locations: DETROIT (MIDTOWN) 5211 Anthony Wayne Drive, Detroit, MI. PHONE: (313) 324-7000

DETROIT (NEW CENTER) 2911 W Grand Boulevard, Detroit, MI. PHONE: 313.638.2022



Smoothie and juice bars in Detroit are making their way to every corner. The Juice Joint makes the freshest smoothies. Not to mention, they’re delicious + nutritious. We offer a plant-based menu with a wide variety of options. Our carry-out stand is located in the back of Marcus Market, alongside the authentic Mexican restaurant, El Taco Veloz. Check out their summer menu for yourself! Organic smoothies from one mixologist create concoctions like Blue Haze and Gorilla Glue. Bring your own 16oz cup for a discount! There is no THC in any of their products.

Located at 4614 2nd Ave, Detroit, MI 48201. PHONE: (313) 315-3192


Kwench Juice Cafe Detroit



Overwhelmed by all of the bright, nutritional options? Ask the crew about our juices, smoothies, fruit bowls, or other menu items. Order takeout when you want to bring healthy food home and online when you want to skip in-person ordering, and then add a little boost of protein, honey, and more. Stop by for a quinoa bowl They also have other Grab N’ Go Items like chia pudding, energy bites, fruit bowls, and eggs. Click HERE to view their menu.

Located at 719 Griswold St, Detroit, MI 48226. PHONE: (313) 784-9957


After 12 years and nearly 2 million iconic glass bottles of DROUGHT juice, they’re wrapping direct-to-consumer retail operations at the end of this month. Female/Family-Owned Since 2010 Certified Organic, DROUGHT’s last day of production is Thursday, June 23rd. Our shop will remain open through June 30th (10a-5p daily) or until sold out! pop in or call the shop! Feel free to place a pre-order by calling 248-965-3000 during business hours. Find updates via Instagram: @drought. Thank these sisters for being the health and wellness staple of Detroiters as well as others. Find a list of retailers near Detroit HERE.

The headquarters is located at 2070 West 11 Mile Road, Berkley, Michigan 48072


fruit smoothie



Smoothie and juice bars in Detroit are definitely a taste of the urban city life, but they manage to squeeze in natural flavors as well. Who’s ready for an extra fibrous and nutritious smoothie? Cheers to high-quality whole fruits and vegetables, which means you’ll be purely drinking the skin and the pulp. Make raw juices and whole fruit smoothies your daily go-to drink, so you easily get in your fruit and vegetable intake. Sweet can be healthy…even the green smoothies! Frozen Soft Serve (Low fat & Lactose-Free) is also available if your love for ice cream outweighs the smoothie craving that day. Click HERE to view their site.

Located at 19335 W. McNichols, Detroit, MI48219. PHONE: 313-766-6470


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