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Live Nation Concerts Have Been Postponed Until April 2020

Detroit Ticketholders Keep Tabs on the Rescheduled Dates from Live Nation After Coronavirus Postponement


If you had tickets for Billie Eilish, we’ve got some bad news.

Live Nation just announced that for the rest of March, all tours would be postponed. What that means is every concert that is through Live Nation will be rescheduled to a different date due to the dangers of COVID-19.

Billboard first reported the Live Nation news, revealing that the entertainment giant told employees they would be pulling all national and international tours off the road beginning this weekend.

A few concerts will go on as planned Thursday and Friday, but all other performances will be postponed or canceled outright through the end of March,” says Consequence of Sound. Like many businesses have been proposing since the announcement, Live Nation continues to be working, but will be working remotely.

There is no telling if any layoffs will occur during this time at venues like Little Caesars Arena, The Fox Detroit, The Fillmore Detroit, and the like. Still, if the postponement extends further, we may see some issues with the economy as far as leisure is concerned.

According to Billboard’s sources, an executive told staffers that “they would reassess at the start of April, with ‘the goal of resuming touring in May or June.'” Live Nation officials told employees they were “well-positioned to weather the closure,” despite it being a slower month for shows.

While the frustrations will be high with some who were really excited to see a show, this would be the time to go Downtown and still contribute to bars and restaurants, as well as other attractions that are still currently available.

Certain spaces like El Club will continue to remain open and accept the acts that are still coming to the venue, and many restaurants and bars are starting to release statements as to how they are handling the situation with Coronavirus.



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RE: Coronavirus — read above but also check this out. Now is important as ever to support your favorite band. Most artists, especially independent are almost completely reliant on merch sales and touring. At this time, many service people and bands are being disrupted and we can’t stress enough how important you buying that T-shirt or album is. Even with the message above, many large-scale festivals have already canceled and we’re sure there’s more to come. The impact this is having on musicians all across the board is very serious and your support is what allows them to continue. If you can’t attend a show, order some merch online or find other ways to support how you can. Hopefully this will pass quick but at the moment nobody knows and we hope you’ll stand by the artists you love most ?? “UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE”

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Another way to continue to support some of your favorite artists that may be postponed would be to purchase merch or hard copies of their albums, as tours being postponed or canceled can drastically impact the pocketbook of your favorite tune-makers.

As for worldly affairs, here’s some up to date statistics, as shared by Twitter:

The total number of global cases has surpassed 124,000, including more than 4,600 fatalities. Over 60,000 patients are reported to have recovered. Get the latest updates from around the world:

  • China says it has passed the “peak” of its outbreak
  • More than 15,000 cases confirmed in Italy as death toll surpasses 1,000
  • Ireland closes schools, colleges and child care facilities
  • Czechia declares state of emergency and bars entry from 15 countries
  • US introduces travel ban on Europe as number of cases surpass 1,000


We at Detroitisit will continue to update you on what’s going on within the city and world to the best of our ability, and our thoughts are with the families and individuals that have come in contact or have contracted the virus. To learn more about how to keep yourself safe on the local level, click here.

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