Nearly 300 Units of Affordable Housing Will be Built in Detroit

The Michigan State Housing and Development Authority Awarded Competitive Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) Awards To Five Different Affordable Housing Developments


Mayor Mike Duggan, city, state, and federal officials joined with developers to announce that the Michigan State Housing and Development Authority has awarded competitive Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) awards to five affordable housing developments in the City of Detroit. The announcement of the award means that there will soon be 282 new units of affordable housing available to residents making $16,500-$44,000 per year.

“We’ve made a serious commitment to our longtime residents that they will not be pushed out of their homes as our city redevelops, and that there will be housing options for people of all income levels, even in some of the city’s hottest neighborhoods,” stated Mayor Mike Duggan. “I am deeply grateful to our partners and HUD and MSHDA for their confidence in our housing strategy and their support for these important projects.”

The press release put out by the city outlines the following:

  • Largest of five awardees is Brush Watson, which will be expanded and now bring 310 apartments, 163 of them affordable, to Brush Park, one of city’s fastest-developing areas.
  • $122.9 million in projects includes Jim Holley Residences in North End and two preservation projects that will keep Detroiters in their homes and their units at affordable rates.

The largest of the projects is the Brush Watson development, which originally accommodated 49 affordable housing units. After the award, the project is expanding development to include a total of 163 units.

Rent for the Bush Watson portion of affordable housing starts at $400 a month, while the press release outlines that 90 units will be reserved for residents making $16,000 to $28,000 a year. Another 70 units in the development will be reserved for those making around $42,000 a year and rental assistance will be provided for select units.

“We are proud to be creating more quality housing for Detroiters in one of the city’s fastest-growing neighborhoods,” said Jerry Krueger, president of Brush Watson developer, American Community Developers Inc. (ACD). “Our goal is to build housing that is both high quality and affordable. We want to thank the City and our partners for believing in this project, one we think will make all Detroiters proud.”

Other developments awarded funds for affordable housing units include the Jim Holley Residences which will be located on Woodward, Left Field at former Tiger Stadium in Corktown, soon to be redeveloped Midtown Square and the Friendship Meadows II apartments located at 1003 Leland St.

According to the press release put out by the city, the projects represent a $122.9 million total investment to Detroit. Additionally, the redevelopment of the Midtown Square and the Friendship Meadows II apartments is expected to preserve affordability for at least the next thirty years.

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